Tommy Lasorda Asteroid To Travel Near Earth Today

You know you learn something new every day? I just learned that there is a Tommy Lasorda named asteroid. No, really it’s true. It’s called asteroid 6128 Lasorda. Apparently according to astronomers, it makes its closest approach to Earth today. It was named after our site namesake in 2002. Yes the Lasorda asteroid is coming.

It is going to come within 1.1 AUs from Earth. That’s an astronomical unit of length for all you non-astronomy buffs out there. The Lasorda Asteroid is actually 1.127 AUs from Earth, and 2.152 AUs from the Sun.

This means that we must win today in order to celebrate the Lasorda asteroid’s travels. The Dodgers go for their fourth consecutive road win and second consecutive win over the Marlins this afternoon at Miami, as the Lasorda asteroid makes its way through our galaxy.