Dodgers: The Three Most Underrated Dodgers for Fantasy Baseball

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 28: Chris Taylor
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 28: Chris Taylor /
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Rich Hill SP

Besides Clayton Kershaw, there are not many starting pitchers who are as fun to watch as Rich Hill.  Not only is Hill fun to watch, but he is also an underrated starting pitcher in fantasy baseball.  Currently, Hill is ranked as the 29th best starting pitcher for fantasy baseball.  That means if you are in an eight to ten team league, Hill could be your fourth or fifth starting pitcher picked which is a very good bargain.

Hill posted a 3.32 ERA last season which is very good but what makes him even better for fantasy baseball is that he put up 11.01 strikeouts per nine innings, and only allowed six hits per nine innings.  Most standard leagues have strikeouts total for the week and strikeouts per nine innings rate, which makes Hill a very solid addition to your fantasy team.  Pitching on a Dodger team that is going to win more than 90 games, Hill is a lock for at least twelve to fourteen wins if he stays healthy.

The only true downside to Rich Hill for fantasy purposes is that he is usually a five-inning pitcher, with six innings being his usual limit.  Often times he will get a no-decision since he comes out of the games earlier than most starters, so that could cost you a few wins for the wins category in fantasy baseball.  Even though he’s not an innings eater, Rich Hill is the most underrated starting pitcher of all the Dodgers starting pitchers.