Dodgers: Predicting which free agents return in 2021

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Justin Turner, Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

Several Dodgers may not return for the 2021 season.

There could be a lot of unfinished business to settle on the Los Angeles Dodgers roster heading into next offseason. While it appears Major League Baseball will find a way to play at least 48 games this season, negotiations on a potential 2020 season turn more sour by the day.

One thing we do know is that players who are eligible to become free agents will hit the open market whether games are played or not this season. That is part of an agreement between the players and owners which was settled in March. Is it possible the two sides re-negotiate service time considerations in brokering a deal for returning-to-play this summer? I suppose so. But based on the hard-line players are taking on their previous agreement on pro-rated salaries, I wouldn’t count on it.

Of course, as Dodger fans are fully aware by now, if the 2020 season is ultimately canceled, it is possible superstar Mookie Betts never plays a game in a Dodgers uniform.

While he is the most notable player who could find himself on another team next season, there are several Dodgers players set to become free agents. President Andrew Friedman will have some difficult decisions to make in managing his payroll and setting his roster for 2021 and beyond.

As we wait for the powers that be to decide whether we will be gifted a 2020 season, let’s predict who will return to the Dodgers in 2021.

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