Could the Dodgers Acquire Alfredo Amezaga?


Some interesting off-season news today, as there are rumors out there that the Dodgers have inquired about the Marlins’ Alfredo Amezaga.

Amezaga was out most of the year after he required surgery on an injury, and although he’s 32 years old, he would still be a nice addition to this roster. Anytime you can pick up utility guys at a good price, which they should be able to do here if they are indeed serious about the acquisition, you almost have to make the move because of the variety of things that utility guys can do.

It remains to be seen just how serious this inquiry is, but you would have to think that the Dodgers are looking at guys that can do a lot of things and don’t cost a huge amount of money. With the whole McCourt divorce saga seeming like it may last well into the next century, things are still a little uncertain as to how serious the Dodgers are at making huge moves to bolster their pitching staff.

Signing Amezaga would be a good move in my opinion, as I think he could certainly bring some depth to this roster, and the Dodgers shouldn’t have to pay an insane amount for him.