Gauging the Dodgers’ Interest in Chien-Ming Wang


There have been some rumors heating up that the Dodgers could have some type of interest in former Yankees’ pitcher Chien-Ming Wang.

While he could return to the Yankees if they offer him a lesser deal than he really wants, I can’t see that happening in the grand scheme of things. He’s coming off of a some pretty serious injuries that he’s been rehabbing for a while now, and though it may be May before he can actually pitch for a club, it might be worth it for the Dodgers to at least make him some type of deal.

Honestly, at this point in time, I have no idea who the Dodgers have on their radar in terms of pitching. Why? Because they haven’t really gave us any type of clue as to what their offseason plans are. All we know is that they are seemingly willing to wait for a while before they try to significantly improve this roster. While some may say that it’s better to wait, I say that it’s not better. They need to make something happen now.

The thing about Wang is, you probably won’t have to give up the farm for him. He’s a pitcher coming off of some significant injuries, and he knows he’s not going to get a huge deal. The least the Dodgers could do is make an offer. If it’s not what he’s looking for, fine. But if they could somehow add him to the rotation by around the middle point of the season, then I’m fine with that.

Yes, I’ve pushed for consistency in the rotation, and while he hasn’t been all that consistent as of late, he’s a guy that I would still want in my rotation, in hopes that he can return to his early-career form. It’s at least worth a try. Because as of right now, it doesn’t seem like the Dodgers and GM Ned Colletti are trying to gain much at all.

LA has already lost Randy Wolf, so now it’s time to start looking for other options to fill in that open spot in the lineup. I would have to think that Joe Torre would want to give him another chance, and would definitely like to pick him up before the Yankees have a chance to realize their mistake, or decide that they will offer Wang what he wants.

We’ll continue to follow this situation, and we’ll let you know if any type of contact is made between the two sides.