Dodgers Sign Jamey Carroll, Exploring Trade for Aaron Harang?


Several noteworthy things to pass along here on Lasorda’s Lair, as the Dodgers are starting to make a little noise in terms of free agency. While the noise isn’t particularly loud, it is noise nonetheless. LA has officially signed second baseman Jamey Carroll, and may be exploring a trade for Reds’ pitcher Aaron Harang.

The Carroll pickup is a nice one in my opinion, as no one really knows if Orlando Hudson or Mark Loretta will be back with the team. Personally, I don’t expect either to be back with the team, though I am certainly vowing for the team to re-sign Hudson, but that’s just wishful thinking. They won’t do it, because once they freed up some room to spend from the Juan Pierre trade, it seems like it’s burning a hole in their pocket. So they are just spending at will now. The only other major league-ready second baseman that the Dodgers have is Blake DeWitt, who would probably be your opening day starter if the season started right now.

As for the Harang trade, who knows. Harang doesn’t exactly have the best record over the past two seasons, as he’s won only six games in those two years. Of course, you could blame the Reds for that, as it’s obvious that they aren’t the greatest team in the league, and have certainly had some pitching problems over the years. Harang is 31, so it’s not like he’s that old, but I’m not sure this is going to completely help the rotation.

If Ned Colletti pulls the trigger on this deal, and the Dodgers don’t give up much in return, that’s fine. But if they decide to pay Harang the same amount, or more than they could have paid to get back Randy Wolf, then I’ve got a problem. Wolf has clearly been the more consistent of the two over the past two seasons, and it’s starting to look like the Dodgers are taking in guys who they think can have their careers rejuvenated in Los Angeles.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how everything turns out, but as for now, these moves aren’t leaving me drooling in anticipation for the upcoming season. The Dodgers need more.