The Dodgers Still Searching for Pitching


And the search continues. That’s pretty much become the motto these days when we talk about the Dodgers search for pitching. First, they didn’t make much of an effort to re-sign Randy Wolf. Then they haven’t shown to be all that interested in Chien Ming-Wang. And now, the trade for Aaron Harang is no longer a possibility.

I’m not really sure what the Dodgers expect at this point. They’ve lost in the playoffs the past two seasons because of pitching. They thought they fixed the problem heading into this season, but that obviously didn’t work when it came down to finding a guy who could pitch in the clutch. There were a few guys that could, but certainly not enough for the Dodgers to make it to the World Series.

Heading into this off-season, we knew pitching would be more important than ever. And so far, the Dodgers’ pitching staff has gotten worse. Losing Wolf will turn out to be a pretty big deal I think, as we’ll be missing him somewhere around mid-season when we’re searching for that one guy that’s gonna be the model of consistency for this staff.

In my opinion, what it comes down to is this: obviously the McCourt divorce saga is worse than we thought. I was on the side early on that thought this divorce would not impact the team’s choices in the off-season. But at this point, I’ve been proven wrong. Something obviously isn’t right. Or at least I hope something isn’t right. Because if the Dodgers are just being plain lazy, or believe that there are other important needs on this team, then that would be a shame. If they want to have a chance to even make it back to the post-season in 2010, they have to find some pitching. And they have to do it soon.

We’re almost to Christmas and the new year, and the same problems exist for LA. As Dodger fans, maybe we should add a new starting pitcher to our Christmas wish list. While GM Ned Colletti did say most of the work would be done after the new year, I’m still a little uneasy about this situation. I’m now to the point to where I believe that the longer they wait, the worse this team will get.

They need to make a move, and they need to make it now. They’ve already lost Wolf, and traded away one of their best players in Juan Pierre. So what will the Dodgers do to fix these holes?

We continue to wait for the answer to that question.