Are the Dodgers Interested in Joel Pineiro?


I apologize for the lack of Dodger talk here lately, as well, the Dodgers haven’t exactly given me a whole lot to work with at this point. If the Dodgers are trying to win the award for “Team to Do the Least in an Off-Season”…..then they’re doing an awesome job of that. Because they are still lost in the shuffle when it comes to teams making moves this off-season.

But now there are some rumblings that the Dodgers are interested in the services of Joel Pineiro. Would this be a good move in my opinion? It sure would. It helps the pitching staff tremendously, and at least is a move in the right direction in terms of trying to fix the pitching problems in Los Angeles.

Now, while I think it would be a good move, do I think it will be something that the Dodgers will do? Why no I don’t And why should I think that they are going to make this move? They’ve done nothing that shows me that they have great interest in trying to improve this pitching staff. Obviously they want to, but there’s been no action to support that statement. They’ve had plenty of time to make moves here and there, but they haven’t done it. Sure, they’ve made moves to send guys out of Los Angeles (Juan Pierre and Randy Wolf), but they have yet to bring anyone in right now that gets me excited for next season.

Their nucleus is fine in terms of in the lineup. But the rotation is not fine. We’ll see just how interested the Dodgers are in Pineiro, however, it just doesn’t look like they have the amount of money that they need to spend in order to get him. So yes, this McCourt divorce saga has been much more detrimental to this team than we previously thought.

Is it time to hit the panic button? Not yet. It may be soon though if they don’t do something to improve this pitching staff. Pineiro would be a nice start.