Dodgers “Looking” At Noah Lowry


Notice the emphasis on “looking” there. That’s all this team has been doing since the offseason started. Whether it be “looking” at Juan Pierre at his press conference with his new team, the Chicago White Sox, or “looking” at Randy Wolf as he made his way to Milwaukee, to help them improve their pitching staff. Looking seems to be the name of the game right now for LA.

So yes, the Dodgers are looking at Noah Lowry. Unfortunately for them, 13 other teams are too. And of those 13 teams, I’d say at least a handful of them are more willing to take action in this move than Ned Colletti and the Dodgers are. Is that pessimism? No. It’s fact.

We’ve waited and waited and waited. Nothing significant has happened thus far. I mean, there’s not even anything that has been mentioned that makes me feel like this team will have improved on their NLCS appearance last season. Even though Lowry hasn’t pitched in two seasons, he’s still got plenty of potential, and I’m sure he’s rehabbing to try and get back. And he’s young. He’ll have time to keep healing that arm, and we can only hope that he gets back to the level he pitched at in San Francisco.

But that’s if the Dodgers sign him. Remember, the key word here is looking. The Dodgers have only looked so far. I want to see action. Dodger fans can complain that Lowry hasn’t done anything in two seasons, but at this point, something is better than nothing.