Dodger Arbitration Updates


The main focus the last few days around Dodger-land has been arbitration, and seeing who would and wouldn’t file for arbitration. We got news on some big-time Dodger players yesterday, so let’s take a look at where the Dodgers stand right now in terms of player arbitration.

Dodgers Who Filed for Arbitration

James Loney
Jonothan Broxton
Andre Ethier
Russell Martin
George Sherrill
Hong-Chih Cuo

Dodgers Who Avoided Arbitration

Matt Kemp (will be signing a new two-year deal after a physical)
Chad Billingsley (signed a one-year deal)

So we’ll see what happens with the arbitration hearings once they take place. It was good to see Kemp and Billingsley already reaching deals, and I would expect the large portion of those who filed to eventually sign as well.

I think Loney and Ethier have to be the top priorities of that group, as they are clearly the future of this franchise, along with Kemp, and hopefully Billingsley.

We’ll continue to watch and see what the Dodgers do to improve this team, and hopefully we’ll see some pitching moves soon.