New Deals for Ethier, Broxton, and Martin


We discussed the new deals for James Loney, Hong-Chih Kuo, and George Sherrill yesterday, and today, there’s even more good news coming out of Los Angeles. The Dodgers have landed deals with the remaining players who were eligible for arbitration, and have a few of them locked up for the next few years.

Both Andre Ethier and Jonathan Broxton signed new two-year deals with the club, while Russell Martin went with a one-year deal. This is certainly good news for Dodger fans, as it seems like the perfect deals for these three guys.

Ethier had a breakout year last season, so it’s good to see that he would sign a multi-year contract with the team. Broxton certainly has a lot of upside, and though he hit some bumps in the road last year, he’s the guy I want closing out the game. And Martin probably needs to have a good season in 2010 if he wants to return to the Dodgers next season, so I have no problem with him only signing the short-term deal.

I haven’t said too many nice things about the Dodgers’ off-season activities, but I’m glad they handled all of this in a swift manner. Most of these guys will play big roles this upcoming season, and this was something that didn’t need to drag out for very long.

Congrats to the players on the new deals, and hopefully the Dodgers can turn their focus to making a few more moves before spring training rolls around.