Manny Returns to His Old Stomping Ground


The engine that powered the high-octane Red Sox to break their infamous curse and win two World Series championships will make his return to Fenway for the first time since he was traded as the enemy. What should have been etched in stone permanently was everlasting status in Boston as a Red Sox All-Time Great and fan favorite , but Manny managed to dissipate the glory that came with his baseball exploits and success on the field by later mailing in games, faking injuries, and even shoving old people to the ground. Truth be told, Manny never really wanted the attention and fame in the first place and the overbearing bubble they call Boston undoubtedly contributed to his bizarre behavior. Nonetheless, Manny is no longer quite the same Manny of before. He’s less dominant on the field and a smaller story than previous years.

That will all change on Friday as the Dodgers head to Fenway to open a three game set with the Red Sox. And Manny’s return will definitely be THE story; a story that will probably be bigger than the actual game itself (featuring a couple of pedestrian back-of-the-rotation starters). Seeing how the Fenway faithful reacts will definitely be the first thing I will be looking forward to.