Belisario Returns to Crowded Dodgers Pen


With the return of P Ronald Belisario from the disabled list, the Dodgers now have a plethora of arms in the pen and again leads one to wonder why the team gave up so much in return for Octavio Dotel.  Regardless, the Dodgers now possess three power arms that they did not have nearly a month ago: Belisario, Dotel, and the flame-throwing Kenley Jensen.

To make way for Belisario, the team optioned 2009 sensation Ramon Troncoso to triple A.  The pitcher did not give an exact reason for his stay on the mend, but the team vaguely referred to “anxiety” as the culprit.

Despite the overkill in terms of pitching acquisitions, the depth of the staff is a site to behold.

Rotation:  C. Kershaw, C. Billingsley, H. Kuroda, V. Padilla, T. Lilly

Bullpen: J. Broxton, H. Kuo, O. Dotel, R. Belisario, K. Jensen, G. Sherrill

Even Joe Torre will have trouble overworking this staff.