Dem LA Bums: The 1963 Dodgers

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(Dodger Fans, This is the first in a series of articles I call “Dem LA Bums”. These articles will describe a full year of Dodgers baseball as well as the many milestones that the players provided throughout the season.)

The 1963 Dodgers had to sit back after the 1962 season and watch their state rivals yield a World Series title to the New York Yankees. Dodger’s players all thought that if they were in the Series, they could’ve upset the Yankees and won it all. The 1962 Dodgers had it all. They had 101 team wins, a 100 base stealing machine threat in Maury Willis, and perhaps the best pitching staff in the game. However the Giants simply had the better record and it was San Francisco who went to the World Series.

The Dodgers were looking to not only redeem themselves, but the fans as well. Dodger’s faithful had to sit through the offseason thinking only what could’ve been. With a new season of baseball to look forward to, the team set their sights for eternal baseball glory.

The Hitters:

Back in the 1960’s the Dodgers were known more for their speed with hit and run abilities rather than power. In 1963, the offense was not focused on power, but the cunning of baseball itself. Speed was the name of the game for the Dodgers in 1963 and no one could define speed more than Maury Willis for the ballclub.