Great Moments in Dodgers History: September 18th 2006: A Blast from the Past

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2002 NL MVP Jeff Kent stepped up to the plate in the ninth inning.  He was just looking to make contact with the ball to keep his team in the game.  However he got more than just contact when he drilled a homerun to centerfield.  The score was 9-6.  LA was still down by three runs yet hope was still alive.  Up next was JD Drew, a power hitter in his own right.  He drilled a homerun to right field and the Dodgers were down 9-7.  The team went back to back and the game was within reach.

The next batter was Russell Martin, the Dodgers catcher.  Martin was a rookie in 2006 and brought youth and excitement to both the fans and his teammates.  He finished the season with 10 homeruns and a .282 batting average.  Martin also brought some excitement to Dodger fans in this game, hitting a homerun to left field.  The score was 9-8 and the Dodgers were within one run.  Marlon Anderson stepped up as the potential tying run.  The pitcher was Trevor Hoffman who at the time was the greatest closer in MLB history.  At the time he had 475 which were only three behind the all time record.  Hoffman was set on the mound and unloaded his pitch.  Anderson had less than a split second to make a game changing decision.  Should he swing or take the pitch?  Anderson decided to swing and for the sake of Dodger Town, that was the right decision.  He drilled the ball deep into the right field night.  The Dodgers came back to tie the game.  However even after four straight homeruns, there was still baseball to be played.

The Padres scored a run in the tenth inning and took a 10-9 lead.  Once again, the LA Dodgers were looking to come back.  Speedster Kenny Lofton was able to get on base with and coming to the plate was Nomar Garciaparra.  A former batting champion and all star for the Boston Red Sox, Garciaparra was used to coming through in clutch situations.  He looked into the eyes of the opposing pitcher Rudy Seanez.  Seanez was set and he through the best pitch he could muster.  Despite it being his best pitch, it just wasn’t good enough.  Nomar drilled it deep and gone over the outfield fence for a homerun. The Dodgers came back to win the game 11-10.

Baseball is a funny game sometimes Dodgers fans.  You don’t always know what will happen, or when it will happen.  You just know that when it does happen, you’d better enjoy it!!!

“I don’t believe what I just saw!!!  I don’t BELIEVE what I just saw!!!” –Jack Buck