Derek Jeter to sign with the Dodgers?????


Yes Dodgers Faithful, you read that right!! According to the television show TMZ on the Fox network, Derek Jeter was spotted in Los Angeles.  He was also asked the question If he would go to the Dodgers.  Jeter responded by asking the questioner why was he hearing a Houston Astros Hat?

Derek Jeter never said he wouldn’t sign with LA, but he never said he would either. Besides the Yankees, the Dodgers seem like a good choice for Derek Jeter.  His former teammate Don Mattingly is the new manager and his former coach Larry Bowa is a coach on the Dodgers staff.

Derek Jeter had over 2900 hits in his big league career.  (All of them have come with the Yankees.)  If the Yankees can’t resign their captain, the Dodgers might be right there to sign one of the greatest shortstops of all time.

(By the way Dodger Fans, Comment and tell me whether you’d want Derek Jeter or Rafael Furcal as your starting shortstop?)