Dodgers Desire Damon???


According to reports by MLB Network analyst Ken Rosenthal and, the LA Dodgers have expressed interest in Outfielder Johnny Damon.

Damon is a career .287 hitter with 2571 hits.  He has played for two World Series championship teams (2004 Red Sox and 2009 Yankees) and has over 1000 career RBIS.  His speed on the base paths is not to be taken lightly either.  Damon has 385 career stolen bases and 100 career triples.

I feel Damon would be a great number two hitter behind Rafael Furcal in the Dodger Lineup.  I feel this way simply because of his body of work.  He struggled in Detroit last season, (yet keep in mind Comerica is a big ballpark) batting .271 with 8 homeruns and 51 RBIS.  If Johnny comes to LA, my predictions for his statistics are the following.

(A .285 batting average with 14 homeruns and 68 RBIS.  He could still up to 20 bases and even produce 7 Triples.)

Also remember that Damon played under Don Mattingly when Mattingly was the hitting coach and bench coach for the Yankees.  When Damon played under Mattingly, his power numbers increased as well as his stolen base total.  (The homeruns most likely increased due to his playing at Yankee Stadium)

Now for the Dodgers Fans who are saying that Damon can’t play outfield, let me pose you this question.  The Dodgers had Manny Ramirez in left field for two seasons.  Having Damon in left for 2011 wouldn’t be a drop off.

Expect Damon to sign a two year deal if he comes to LA simply because that is what Damon wants.  He wants a deal that ensures his future in baseball.  Johnny is only a few seasons away from 3000 hits.  Who knows, it could be a home game in LA where Damon slaps a ground rule double down the right field line.  It could be you catching that double.  This could all happen if Damon signs with the Dodgers.