Six Starting Pitchers: Good or Bad Idea???

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Now don’t get me wrong, Vicente Padilla is a good starting pitcher.  He went 6-5 with an ERA just over 4.00 last season.  (Keep in mind he only had 16 starts) If the Dodgers were to sign him to a contract, they probably should use him for the bullpen only and not have him start games.  His fastball might be more useful in the bullpen because if his arm is rest, he could pitch to the tune of a faster fastball.

Dodgers Nation, the staff for 2011 looks bright.  The Dodgers really can’t improve it any more than they already have.  Now should be the time where they go and improve their offense.  A rotation with six starting pitchers really isn’t a good idea!!

(By the way Dodgers Nation, this has been the 7th post in two days!!!!  Stay tuned for more posts as we try to break the record for posts for the MLB fansided blogging community!!!!) 🙂