This Day in Baseball History (December 3rd 2007) Walter O’Malley gets the Hall Call


December 3rd 2007 is a day that may get mixed reviews for Dodgers fans.  Back in 2007 the Baseball Hall of Fame announced their veteran committee inductions.  One of the inductees included former Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley.

For fans that don’t know about O’Malley you should.  He is considered to be either the most beloved man in Dodgers History or the most hated.  This depends if you’re talking to a Brooklyn Dodgers fan or an LA Dodgers fan.  The LA fan base considers O’Malley a hero for bringing one of baseball’s most historic franchises to Los Angeles. At the time, there weren’t any Major League Baseball teams in LA.  Having the Dodgers there was like having the Beatles play in Madison Square Garden or the Pope visiting Yankee Stadium.  (Except however, the Dodgers stayed in LA)

The Brooklyn fan base has a completely different opinion on O’Malley though.  They feel that he took away their precious team and moved it all the way across the country.  Fans from Brooklyn felt like their soul, their very essence, had been shattered from their bodies.  Many fans in Brooklyn turned away from baseball and swore themselves to never watch the Dodgers or the game again.  Never in baseball history had fans felt so betrayed by one team.

Walter O’Malley led the charge from Brooklyn to LA.  It all depends on the fans whether or not O’Malley should be considered a hero or a traitor.  Personally, I felt he betrayed the fans of Brooklyn by not even letting them say goodbye to the team that they held so near and dear to their hearts.

Dodger Fans comment on this article and let me know if you think Walter O’Malley is the following…..

  1. Hero
  2. Traitor