Coming Up on Lasorda’s Lair


Dodger Fans, with the winter meetings coming up Lasorda’s Liar will be throwing a Winter Meeting week on the blog.  Here is the list of events for the days:


  1. Post on Hall of Fame Inductions
  2. Post on what Dodgers need to do at Winter Meetings
  3. Start of Lasorda’s Lair GM challenge-will explain today!!!!


  1. Recap of Joe Torre era in LA
  2. Post of Dodgers Prospects that should appear in Majors in 2011
  3. Video Tribute to 1988 Dodgers (Post)
  4. Post about


  1. Winter Meetings Update Post
  2. Greatest Free Agent signings in Dodgers History Post
  3. Blue Out on Lasorda’s Lair (I’ll explain in a post today)
  4. Lasorda’s Lair 2nd Chat!!!!
  5. Video Tribute to 1988 Dodgers (Post)


  1. Winter Meeting Final Day Post
  2. Dodgers Offseason Grade Post
  3. Final day of Lasorda’s Lair GM Challenge


  1. Results posted of GM challenge
  2. Lasorda’s Lair announcement!!!!

(This is the least amount of posts!!!  There could and should be MORE!!!!)