This Day in Dodgers History: Rick Monday Edition- April 25th

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Dodger fans, Baseball is America’s Pastime. However America stands for much more than baseball. It stands for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When someone is able to stand up for the happiness that we all deserve, shouldn’t be praised. Well on this day 35 years ago, one Rick Monday became a symbol for Country pride.

Rick Monday was a 19 year veteran of Major League Baseball. He led the Dodgers to the 1981 World Series crown. He hit a career high 32 home runs in 1976. However it was one play during the 1976 season while playing for the Cubs that defined a legacy for Monday. It is a legacy that beyond the diamond. This one play didn’t involve hitting a walk off homerun or making a game saving catch. However Rick Monday saved the pride of the nation with speed, determination and the love of the country in mind.

It was a game between the Dodgers and Cubs on April 25th 1976. It was America’s bicentennial year and Country pride was nationwide. In between the fourth inning, Rick Monday was set to take his position in Center Field when he noticed out of the corner of his eye, two fans sitting in the middle of the outfield. Monday was warming up in the outfield when he noticed the two fans pulling out an American Flag with a lighter and oil in their hands. Rick Monday, who was in the marine reserves for six years knew how hard people in this country work for their livelihood. He couldn’t let an injustice like this commence. Without any regard for himself or for anyone else, Monday took off.