This Day in Dodgers History: Rick Monday Edition- April 25th

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Rick was not known for his speed (only 98 career stolen bases) but he ran like a cheetah on the prowl. Without the two fans even realizing what was going on, Rick grabbed the flag before the match was lit and saved it from being combusted. The fans were about to chase after him when the police finally made the scene. The fans stood up (after initially booing the two flag burners on the field) and gave Monday a standing ovation. The scoreboard would later read…

Great Play Just Made by Rick Monday!!!

The country responded to Rick Monday’s great play by sending him many fan mail. Even the President of the United States at the time sent him a thank you for saving the flag. To this day, Monday still has the flag at his home and he keeps it with pride in what he did.

Dodger fans, People can choose to do nothing in grave situations. However the bravery and country pride the Rick Monday showed was borderline heroic. This all happened on the day April 25th 1976.