An Ode to Harmon Killebrew

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Dodger Fans, in order to look towards the future, you must respect the past.  Despite never being a Dodger, Harmon Killebrew is one of the Greatest home run hitters of all time.  Today it was announced that he would enter the hospice program after a long struggle with cancer.

Killebrew, hit 573 career home runs and was known as one of the greatest twins of all time.  He actually hit a home run against Don Drysdale in the 1965 World Series.

Below is a little ode to Harmon Killebrew.  While I am not a poet, I thought that the Greatest slugger in Twins history should have some dedication towards him.

Harmon at the Plate:

The depths of power had no limit

When he came up to bat

For it was a pitcher against an army

An army brewed to kill

There would be no pitcher ever safe

His at bats would set the pace

You would find him at the plate

With runners on each base

Fans buying beer

Would drop it in a snap

For when the announcer said

Harmon Killebrew was up at bat