Keeping up with Yankees: My take on Joe Torre, Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter

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Dodger Fans, former Dodger manager Joe Torre had to go through a lot of tough situations in his later Yankee years.  Even when he went to the Dodgers, Torre still had to deal with badgering from the media about the Yankee Brass.  Yankee DH Jorge Posada is now on New York’s front stage with the latest headline.  Posada wanted to take a day off to clear his head.    Despite this being a Yankee story, I am putting a dodger perspective on it.   As far as the Jorge Posada story goes, I have facts to say that THIS IS NOT POSADA’S FAULT, BUT THE FAULT OF THE YANKEES MANAGEMENT.  This is just another case of history repeating itself.

Let’s look at some facts.  First of all Joe Torre came to the LA Dodgers to escape the terrors of the Yankees.  In 2008 The Yankees were a shell of their former selves.  They fired the Yankee manager with the most wins for the club since Casey Stengel and George Steinbrenner, (God rest his soul) was sick with mental health problems.  Torre who would go onto lead the Dodgers to two playoff appearances, including a game away from the World Series was ultimately thrown out of the Bronx because of a small disagreement with the Yankee Brass.

Now fast forward to the 2010 offseason.  Derek Jeter was in tough talks with the Yankees about a new contract.  Jeter was angry that the Yankee Brass made the talks of the contract public to make Jeter look bad and take less money.  This forever stained the relationship between the Yankees Brass and the player simply known as “The Captain”.  The Yankees also got rid of former ace pitcher Andy Pettitte who walked away from the game because he wanted to spend time with his family.  Just speculation but how do we know he didn’t leave because he was tired of the Yankee Brass?