Keeping up with Yankees: My take on Joe Torre, Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter

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Now simply because Jorge Posada asks for a day off to clear his head, the Yankees Brass goes completely insane.  Derek Jeter even said there was nothing to apologize about and he’s the captain of the team.  So WHY WOULD BRIAN CASHMAN DO A PRESS CONFERENCE IN THE MIDDLE OF A NATIONALLY TELEVISED YANKEES RED SOX GAME???  Again purely speculation but doesn’t it seem weird that the Yankees are going after the core group of players that the Yankees had from the Joe Torre era?  Ever since the death of George Steinbrenner, the Yankees’ goal has become bringing home the bank instead of bringing home a championship.

Personally growing up in the New York area, and doing research and interviews, I believe that Brian Cashman is simply a puppet from the Yankee Brass.  After what he did to Joe Torre, and these core players who have brought them nothing but winning.  (And might I mention MONEY!!!)  Despite not even having a full time owner, at least the Dodger brass is succeeding where the Yankees have continually failed.  Baseball in the Bronx may have a grim future.  Meanwhile thanks to the works of Joe Torre setting up the franchise to where it is today, THE DODGERS FUTURE IS BRIGHT!!!

(I wrote this article to make a point.  Baseball should be about the fans and not a business world of money.  If you need a day off some days, you SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE IT!!! We are all human and all need breaks sometimes.  The Yankees are run like robots and expect the employees to be as such!   Baseball is a kid’s game ruled by power hungry owners.  There is NO PLACE for greed in the great game of Baseball!!!)