Let’s make it 7


For the first time since May 31st, it happened again.

No, I’m not talking about the last time Uribe took a first pitch.  Definitely not talking about the last time Dee Gordon did something to make me shake my head in (positive) disbelief, very much unlike the way I shake my head most of the time at Loney.  And I’m not talking about the last time Frank McCourt had to sell off a slice of the empire to keep Manny in Chalupas.  Actually, it was about the same timeframe for McCourt, but

I am talking about the Dodgers winning (3) games in a row!!!

I know three games in a row is not much of a streak, but it is when you’re a fan & I’d like everyone to know that I am a fan – I want the Dodgers to be successful – I still get fired up with a good play or a solid victory & I’m the guy who never leaves the stadium before the last out.  Partly because I’m never sure that we’re going to hold on (see 6/9 game vs. Rockies), but mostly because I want to see “final” on the scoreboard and I want to see the jumping bumping body thing (can we create a name for this move, it’s a lot easier to say high five) the outfielders do when we win.

I’m a Dodger fan, you don’t like it then click off.

We have won 2  of 3 against a Tigers team that is one game back of first in the AL Central, not against the Padres.  Yeah, one of these three victories came against the lowly Astros but beggars can’t be choosers.  Against Detroit, we’ve won convincingly, we’ve won with great pitching, solid D, and hot bats – there are signs of life amidst the barren tabloid wasteland that has become the Dodgers this past few months & if we’re supposed to crawl into a hole and waste away to the bottom of the standings, someone forgot to tell the players on the field.

  • On Sunday, we avoided the dirty H-Town broom thanks to Kuroda’s arm and Dioner Navarro’s bat.  Kuroda struck out 6 and gave up only 3 hits, and with Rod Barrrrajas (gotta roll the R’s) on the 15 day DL with a sprained ankle, Navarro stepped up with his weird half jaw mouthpiece and crushed one over the right field fence.  It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t a sexy high scoring affair, it was a tough fought victory – like watching two bums knife fight for a case of Camels in a game pitting two cellar dwellers against each other BUT we came out on top.
  • On Monday it was Game 1 against the Tigers and they had to face K(backwardsK)KKKKKKKKKershaw.  Dude, you don’t want to run into lefty when he’s fired up (See a great Kershaw article on mikesciosciastragicillness.com here) Complete game, complete control, complete dominance.  The aforementioned Uribe actually saw (6) pitches before taking them deep (our statisticians are looking it up, we believe that to be a record for most pitches Uribe has seen at one at bat in his career) and K(backwardsK)KKKKKKKKKershaw added a little 2 RBI knock in the 8th to extend the legendary Dodger pitching staff hitting prowess. Kershaw only gave up 2 hits from the mound.
  • Yesterday, Detroit ran into Buzzsaw Billingsly, who pitched as well as I can remember seeing him.  Billingsly ran into some trouble in the later innings, but the leather was smoking with some spectacular defensive plays including a Sportscenter highlight play from Uribe snatching a bullet out of the air down the third baseline off Jackson, and a beautiful bare-handed play in traffic by Dee Gee to toss out Raburn and together, they worked themselves out of the jam.  Oh yeah, and the longhaired Spanish assassin on my fantasy team introduced Mr. Beautiful Swing to Mr. Rawlings for the second time in the last week – translated:  Ethier went deep.  Hell, even Tony Gwynn Jr. contributed on offense, which is as rare as a solar eclipse…and (for me) just as great to see.

I’m not calling for the broom on D-Twiz, however, it would be a big morale booster for the boys in Blue and would come just at the right time.


As a Dodger fan living in Orange County (i.e. a Marine living in Afganistan, Bush visiting the White House, etc.) I’d like to see an absolute Macho Man-Level Smackdown applied on the Angels.  The S I have to listen to out there from friends, relatives, neighbors, coaches and little brainwashed toe heads is…not quite enough to make me move back, but colonoscopy-level annoying.  I still root hard against the Padres and despise the Giants deep within my soul, but I also still tell the many Dodger detractors out there the story of my only bad experience at any baseball stadium in the country… in the shadow of the big A when some “classy” Angel fans threw ice at me but hit my 4 year old (nobody ‘fessed nor answered my request for a personal  discussion on the matter when asked) – which is not an idictment of the Angel Nation, I know how a few rowdy fans can put a bad face on a fan base – but you can bet I’ll be wearing my Dodger Blue back behind the Orange Curtain this weekend…make me proud boys.

SHOUT OUT to the YHLL All-Stars, take it to ’em this weekend boys!