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First and foremost, if you call yourself a fan, get off your butt, CLICK ON THIS LINK and vote for Ethier to get the Spanish Assassin his rightful spot at the All Star Game.

Now on to my post:

Watching the Freeway Series Part Deux over the weekend, I was sick with how many people the Dodgers left on base.  Well, I also partied pretty hard at a wedding, representing Makers Mark Ambassadors proudly.  Back to the Dodgers left on…I tallied them, there were 8 boys in Blue left swinging in the wind.  (and as sick as I am about writing about Dodger bad news, I’m even more sick of losing cold hard cash to my Angel buddies out in the OC  shouting about Angel Tradition? What, Monkeys? Whatever).

After we left (13)!! on base last night against the Mets, much like my Loney stat investigation, I punched in LOB & lo and behold who was sitting pole position…My Dawyers.

It looked like this:

  • Dodgers 654
  • Mets 650
  • BoSox 645
  • Reds & Phillies 644
  • & down from there.

Again, I’m no sabermetrician, but all those stranded runners are potential runs, the runs potential wins, etc.  It also says a lot about the Dodger’s current personnel issues, i.e. the ability to put guys on base (top of the lineup = good), but stranding them (mid-to-bottom = booty).  So you can take the reservation, you just can’t hold the reservation. We can get them ON, we just can’t get them IN.  Frustrating as all hell, I know you’re with me on this.

Speaking of stats I don’t understand, how is Loney’s throw to Miles last night in the 5th not counted as an error?  I got a little hate mail about killing too hard on Loney, but if it quacks like an underproducer…hell, maybe it’s even an error on Miles, but it was an error – and it started the bleeding.  Let’s replay the debauchery of which I speak:

The top-of-the-5th statline reads:  Pelfrey lined out to first, Pagan singled to center, Pagan steals second, Turner grounded out to third, Beltran Homer, Paulino fly out.

But that’s like saying, yada, yada, yada, MLB took over the Dodgers.  Let me fill in the gaps.

  • Pelfrey out.  Good play by Jimmy. (1-out)
  • Pagan singled to center. (good hit, still 1-out)
  • Lilly catches Pagan in a rundown, easy throw over to Loney, Jimmy’s throw is errant to Miles on an easy tag out at second. (should be 2-outs, but its’ still 1-out)
  • Turner grounded out to third (should be 3, now it’s 2)
  • Beltran smokes Lilly deep to centerfield (should have been up with no runners on next inning, instead it’s 2-0)

Maybe Miles’ little legs are too short to get him in position on time, or maybe James can’t make routine plays, maybe a little of both…but this is PROFESSIONAL baseball.  Holy hell!!!

So while we are the best of the worst at leaving runners on base (LOB), we might also be at the top for allowing (SNHBOB’s) – Should Never Have Been On Base, followed by (HR) followed by (L).

As for our pitching, Lilly got shelled, but was otherwise decent (“other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?”) – Kuo was mmm..ok again, he might be coming back from his recent issues, Hawksworth (albeit not put in a promising position to succeed) continues to look like a pretty good prospect, but Bay’s 2nd HR of the game was served up by the young #36.  Hopefully we’ll turn the page with Kuroda tonight and KKKKershaw tomorow and go into the break on however high of a note you can go when you’re 11 games back in the NL Worst.

I will be at the game tomorrow courtesy of a pretty sweet 48-hour ticket sale going on in recognition of the Dodger All Stars Kemp & Kershaw – check it out and be a part of Ethier bobblehead night at www.dodgers.com/ethier – I can’t remember if they serve Bud Light Lime in-stadium, but if they do, I’ll be representing.

If you call yourself a fan, get off your butt, CLICK ON THIS LINK and vote for Ethier to round out our representation at the All Star Game.

The 11th is a new day.

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