Can Peter O’Malley Save the Dodgers?


Hello all Dodger fans!

Amidst all the recent joy and celebration over McCourt’s announcement that he will be selling the team, our attention now turns to the sale, and who could be potential owners. There was an article published in the LA times about former Dodgers owner and son of Baseball pioneer Walter O’Malley leading and getting together an investment group to buy the Dodgers.

Peter O’Malley used to run the Dodgers after his father passed away. The 73 year old former owner has said his top priority is to revive the Dodgers and wants to run the team for the next several years. I think this is the best choice for a new owner. I believe we need a new owner that has longstanding ties to the organization, and will continue to keep Dodger tradition intact for as long as possible.

O’Malley has already met with MLB commissioner Bud Selig to discuss his plans and is also meeting with investors. O’Malley has said that he should have no issues getting together a group that will come up with the reported 1 billion dollars needed to buy the Dodgers. The Dodgers won 6 world series titles under Peter and his father. The O’Malleys sold the Dodgers to the FOX news corp. in 1998 for 311 million dollars. FOX sold the team to the McCourts for 421 million dollars in 2004.

When he sold the team, O’Malley said that he could not afford the Baseball buisness any longer. Now with new investors he could be able to recover ownership and revitalize Dodger glory. Stacie and I believe that Dodger tradition has been slowly slipping away over the last couple of years because of what has been going on with the ownership turmoil. This is a sad realization. Dodger tradition cannot be allowed to deteriorate any further. We believe that someone needs to have longstanding ties to the organization like O’Malley, and also run the team with class and respect. Someone like Peter O’Malley will commit to making the Dodgers excellent, and dedicate themselves to preserving Dodger tradition for many years to come.

O’Malley has told sources that he as a Dodger fan was troubled by the ownership turmoil that hung over the team like a black cloud this year. He said he wants to return respect to the ogranization and return focus back to the field. Honestly I would support any owner that has financial security, is classy and respectful, and runs the team in the same manner. Someone who will commit to making the Dodgers great again. Someone who will do everything to bring the world series back to Dodger stadium. That could be many possible candidates, but I want the right candidate. I can’t help it. I want the perfect owner, and I believe Peter O’Malley is that man.

I have a blue dream, that one day Stacie, myself, and 56,000 other Forever blue fans gathering together to watch the Dodgers win the world series. As the Dodgers hoist the trophy, and the I love LA song blares over the loudspeakers, Stacie and I embrace in celebration along with every Dodger fan around the world. Of coarse Matt KeMvP is named Series MVP, and Stacie and I cry tears of joy, as all of Los Angeles rages in coronation as the Dodgers win their 7th world chamionship…….Am I asking to much? I want it all. I want the dream. I want my cake and eat it too. What do you think? Tell us who your favorite is to be the new owner of the Dodgers. No matter what happens from here on out anyone is better then the McCourts. I have a blue dream…..GO BLUE