The McCourt regime appears to be finally over


Hello all! I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend. The announcement came out earlier today that Frank McCourt has agreed to sell the Dodgers. The sale will involve The team, Dodger Stadium, and Media rights that McCourt was attempting to auction off. After McCourt filed for bankruptcy over the summer, MLB asked the court for a sale of the team, accusing McCourt of violating Baseball rules, and taking 190 Million dollars of team money for personal use. The bankruptcy hearing was postponed because McCourt was already in negotiations with MLB to sell the team.  There is no timetable set yet for the sale, but its possible McCourt may receive up to 1 billion dollars for the sale of the Dodgers.

My heart instantly fills with joy upon hearing this news. Our long nightmare seems to be over. Things are going to get better. We still don’t know how this will affect the Dodgers free agent spending this winter, but McCourt’s regime of terror appears to finally be ended. It looks like he
realized his attempts to keep his stranglehold on the Dodgers, was futile. His days are over. Hold your heads up high Dodger fans. The future is bright. I ask all Dodger fans to rise up and support the team next year. Come back to Dodger Stadium, McCourt is going away soon, forever.

There is one thing that McCourt and his wife could never take away from us…..our hope. That hope lies inside every Forever Blue fan that walks
through the turnstiles at Chavez Ravine every season. Each and every Dodger fan across the globe can wear blue with pride. I hope we get a good owner, that will invest money to improve the team. I hope our new owner will do all he can to bring the world series back to Dodger stadium where it belongs.  I hope the Dodgers will be competitive in 2012. I hope the Dodgers will win the world series next year…..I hope