KeMvP, Kershaw, and Jansen win awards


Hello all Lasorda Lairians,

Matt KeMvP, Clayton Kershaw, and Kenley Jansen, all won awards for their incredible seasons. KeMvP, and Kershaw, have been collecting awards since the season ended, after they both had seasons for the ages in 2011.

KeMvP, Kershaw both won gold gloves, as did Andre Ethier. That was KeMvP’s second gold glove, and first for Kershaw and Ethier. KeMvP, and Kershaw continued to rack up the awards.

KeMvP also won his second silver slugger award,  He was voted by teammates for the Roy Campanella award, given to the player who most personifies the spirit and leadership of the late hall of famer. He won the Hank Aaron award, The Baseball player of the year award, Stan Musial award, and was a finalist for the player’s choice outstanding player of the year in the NL. KeMvP was also named to the sporting news NL all star team.

For Kershaw, besides the gold glove, He has won the Warren Spahn award for the best left handed pitcher in MLB,  was a finalist for the player’s choice outstanding pitcher in the NL, and the Roberto Clemente award. Kershaw was also named to the sporting news NL all star team.

KeMvP led the National League in home runs (39), runs scores (115), RBI (126), and total bases (353). he was third in batting (.324), and second in stolen bases (40).  Bison also finished second in hits (195), second in extra base hits (76), second in slugging (.586), and fourth in OBP (.399).

KeMvP became the first dodger since Dolph Camilli in 1941 to lead the league in home runs and RBI, and the first dodger ever to lead the league in homers, RBI, and runs scored.

Kershaw won the Pitching triple crown, by finishing tied for first in wins, (21), first in ERA, (2.28), and first in strikeouts (248). Kersh finished tied for first in WHIP(.98), and first in BAA.

As we await the expected announcement of Kershaw’s first Cy Young award for his magnificent dominance of all opponents, and KeMvP’s first NL MVP award, it might be easy to overlook fireballer Kenley Jansen, who battled a sore shoulder and an irregular heartbeat to quietly have once of the most dominating seasons of any Dodger reliever.

Jansen who is the Kerhsaw of the bullpen literally blew away all batters, receiving the breakthrough performance of the year award. Jansen set the record for highest strikeout per nine rate in MLB history with 16.1 strikeout per nine rate, finishing with 96 whiffs in only 53.2 innings pitched. Jansen posted an ERA of 0.55 and held opponents to an average of .094 over his last 31 games, only allowing one of 21 inherited runners to score. The converted catcher recorded 5 saves, and an ERA of 2.85. It is obvious at this point that Jansen needs to be immediately named the 2012 closer. No offense to Javy Guerra. I like Guerra, and he did a great job last year, however Jansen is just too overpowering. Completely blowing away any and all batters he faces. With an overpowering pitcher like Jansen in the 9th inning, we should see alot less meltdowns in 2012.

In other news, More potential owners are throwing their hats into the ring, in an attempt to buy the Dodgers. MLB is hoping to accelerate the sale process as the Dodgers will be auctioned through bankruptcy court. Dennis Gilbert, has announced his intentions to put together a group to buy the Dodgers. The former agent turned front office executive has long been rumored to be interested in purchasing the Dodgers. Mark Cuban has also expressed interest, but said only if the Dodgers price is less than the expected 1 billion dollars.

Former owner Peter O’Malley has already begun to form a group to try and purchase the Dodgers, (read my post below for more info on O’Malley’s quest to re-acquire the Dodgers), and former GM Fred Clair has even joined the mix, he is also putting together a group interested in buying the Dodgers. former players Orel Hershiser, and Steve Garvey are also still interested and also being considered. MLB has decided to pre-approve buyers, in an attempt to speed up the process. MLB hopes to have a new owner in place in time for the 2012 season, but well likely need a new owner in place long before that to ensure the Dodgers can be players this offseason. Until then there is uncertainty as to how much the Dodgers will be able to spend this winter, and what moves they will be allowed to make during the sale process.

No matter what happens with the sale, the most important move of this winter will be locking up Matt KeMvP to a long term contract. This is mission critical. All other moves are secondary. KeMvP is the greatest player in baseball today, and our franchise player. He must be signed before the season begins. I beg of Ned Colletti and whomever the new owner will be, to please please please give Matt KeMvP whatever he wants.

The new Collective Bargaining aggreement has been pushed back another couple of weeks, although the old CBA doesn’t expire for another 5 weeks or so. Two things have held up the agreement, which is expected to be completed in  two or three weeks. The expiration of the luxury tax. The new CBA is expected to have the luxury tax included. The only real sutmbling block is the hard slotting system the owners want to implement for amateur draft signings., The players are against this, but have said they would trade to ensure that teams dont have to give up a draft pick for type A free agent signings. If you ask me I think they should just leave the draft and all aspects the way it is, but this hard slotting system, and the sale of the Dodgers has somewhat delayed the start of some of the usual hot stove action.

Check back in with us again soon, We will keep you posted on any and all Dodger news. GO BLUE