Blue Stampede:Dodgers and KeMvP close deal


Most Valuable Player (MVP) award is an honor typically bestowed upon the best performing player or players on a specific team, in an entire league, or for a particular contest or series of contests.

This is the definition of the Most Valuable Player award. According to the dictionary, however you can’t spell MVP without Matt KeMvP.

Various sources are confirming that the Dodgers and KeMvP have agreed to a tremendous, ground shaking 8-year deal for 160 million dollars. Reports say KeMvP has a full no-trade clause in the contract, and will keep our Bison wearing Dodger Blue through 2020, and hopefully forever.  We had heard that the Dodgers and Matt KeMvP, were discussing a long term contract, but KeMvP’s agent Dave Stewart had said KeMvP did not want to negotiate a new contract during the regular season.

The Dodgers don’t have to worry about that anymore do they? The reported deal which is pending a physical, is the largest contract in Dodgers history, surpassing the mega deal given to Kevin Brown, and Manny’s deal with the Red Sox in 2001. KeMvP’s deal also ranks as the 7th richest contract in MLB history.

We were worried that the ownership situation, and now impending sale might interfere with the Dodgers ability to lock up KeMvP  before he hit free agency after the 2012 season. This news instantly fills my heart with joy and happiness. KeMvP, who flirted with the triple crown this season,  is a top candidate for NL MVP thanks to his Amazing season. KeMvP, rebounded from a disappointing 2010, where despite hitting 28 homers, he was caught stealing 15 times, with only 19 steals, and we saw his average drop to .249.

We saw GM Ned Colletti publicly criticize his defense and base running. And amidst a coaching staff that continuously screamed at him, he was benched from the starting lineup for three games in a row in June of 2010, although he did play in all three games. After the 2010 season, Matt KeMvP promised us a return to form. KeMvP also made a promise of 40/40.

KeMvP delivered on his promise. After a coaching staff that screamed at him was replaced, and a highly publicised relationship broke off with pop star Rhianna, Bison came to spring training in 2011 on a mission.

Under the tutelage of first base coach, Dodger legend and baserunning guru Davey Lopes, Matt KeMvP had one of the greatest seasons of any Dodger in Blue history. KeMvP batted .324 with 39 home runs, and 126 RBI, and 115 runs scored in 2011. Flirting with the triple crown all year, and falling just one home run shy of the 40/40 mark, KeMvP finished the season as one of the leading candidates for the NL MVP. Bison became just the second Dodger ever to lead the league in homers and RBIs, (Dolph Camili 1941), and the only Dodger ever…..EVER, to lead the league in homers, RBI, and Runs scored. Thanks to Davey Lopes help, KeMvP finished tied for second in steals with 40, and was only caught stealing 11 times. He finished with a line of .324/.399/.586 and finished tied for second in steals, second in hits, third in average, and led the league in total bases. KeMvP also hit three walk-off home runs this year, including two during the same home stand. The season has also included an all-star selection, his second gold glove and silver slugger awards, plus numerous other awards for Bison, including the Roy Campanella award, The Hank Aaron award, and the Baseball America player of the year award.

We haven’t had news this great in a long while. This deal is well deserved, and wouldn’t it be great if he followed this mega contract up by being awarded the NL MVP for his marvelous season?

Stacie and I along with many others have been saying that the number one priority this winter is to sign KeMvP to a long term deal. Nothing else is more important. It’s ok to give that wonderful man any dollar amount he requests.  The 27-year old franchise player, who is the greatest player in baseball today, will be making an appearance at a dedication of a Dodger dream field with Frank McCourt in Compton.

We lost our last franchise player Mike Piazza many years ago. KeMvP is the only Dodger I have ever seen that could compare to Piazza. I was mortified when Piazza was traded,  but this sure helps make up for that. Thank god we didn’t lose Bison. I feel vindication for the Piazza trade that should have never been allowed. This deal assures KeMvP wears Dodger Blue through his age 35 season.

Its clear that Matt KeMvP and Clayton Kershaw were sent from the Baseball Heavens to help us through these troubled times. There here to balance things out. There the Yin to the McCourt mess Yang. We’re witnessing greatness guys.

One day I will tell my son about how I saw the great Bison play. The amazing plays he made I swear, he was larger than life. Leaping over walls to rob home runs, blasting mammoth towering shots. Walk-off Home Runs leading the Dodgers to victory. I feel hope that only a Dodger fan can feel. We can never lose hope. Don’t give up on the Dodgers guys!

We may be seeing the greatest Dodger of our lifetimes. Just wait til next year. You aint seen nothin’ yet. Be at ease Dodger fans. You better watch out National League, because there is a Bison on the loose……And he cant be stopped.  Go Blue