Dodgers Do Not Offer Arbitration to Anyone on a Blue Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving all.

The deadline to offer arbitration to free agents came and went last night, and the Dodgers declined to offer arbitration to any of their free agents. This means that they will receive no draft compensation if any of them sign with other teams.

Originally the Dodgers had ten free agents:Juan Rivera, Big Rod, Jamey Carroll, Jonathon Broxton, Casey Blake, Vicente Padilla, Jon Garland, Mike Macdougal, Hiroki Kuroda, and Aaron Miles. The Dodgers have already resigned Rivera, Big Rod signed with the Pirates, and Carroll signed with Minnesota. This leaves seven left. The Dodgers did not offer to any. Only two of those players above were ranked free agents. Big Rod was before he signed with the Bucs, and Kuroda were both type B free agents. Hopefully the Dodgers will resign Kuroda, which is reportedly what they are interested in doing. I guess the Dodgers were worried that they would lose the arbitration case to Kuroda and have to pay him more than the 12 million he made last year. apparently this was worth the risk of losing a compensation pick. fine whatever just resign Hiroki!

This likely means goodbye to the rest of the players.

Before I sign off, I would like to list 5 reasons Dodger fans have to be thankful on this thanksgiving day.

1. Vin Scully will be blessing us with another year of his beautiful voice.

2.We are getting a new owner for Christmas!

3. Matt Kemp will be a Dodger for another 8 years.

4. The dominance of Clayton Kershaw.

5. Our beautiful home Dodger Stadium will be 50 years old in 2012.

Check out Blaine Blontz from call to the pen for what each MLB team is thankful for this turkey day……

Need I say more Dodger fans? Have a Blue Thanksgiving everyone! Happy Turkey Day!