Colletti Hints at Mystery Trade During Winter Meetings


The GM Winter meetings continued on Tuesday, as General Manager Ned Colletti hinted that the Dodgers might have a trade in the works for a mystery player. Who is this mystery player? We have no idea. Colletti hinted that it was a player that used to be a starter. It would seem it would have to be at either first base or an outfielder. That would make sense, but who knows. He said the player would be payroll neutral. Apparently he means that both players would be of equal salary, or the other team would pick up the remainder of the salary to make things even. No deal is imminent before the meetings however.

In other hot stove news, Colletti is expected to meet with Mike MacDougal and his agent. Colletti is still eyeing a veteran reliever that can eat up innings, and that guy could be Dougie.

Dougie pitched in 69 games last season as a non roster invitee. He posted a 2.05 ERA, and 1 save in 57 innings. Dougie pitched surpisingly decent, despite a high BB/9 rate of 4.6. The 34-year old reliever made 500,000 dollars in 2012. I have no problem with Dougie being brought back. He was decent, as long as he isn’t brought in with runners in scoring position. Beginning of an inning, Donnie!

The same agency that represents Dougie also represents Clayton Kershaw, and according to rumored reports, Colletti has had a discussion, or discussions with him about a contract extension. There is no other news about that.

When asked about Hiroki Kuroda, Colletti said he had hoped he would stay. Colletti than had this to say……”We gave him the chance to be creative,”  “I had more conversations on him than anybody. He’s a very loyal guy. We tried. Our interest was in trying to find a way to get him back.” Good god Ned, are you serious? Creative is asking poor Hiroki to take a 50% pay cut? A couple million is one thing, but a 50% pay cut? That’s completely unfair to Hiroki, and I don’t blame Kuroda for saying no to that pathetic offer. Here is hoping that Colletti gets shown the door once the new ownership takes over.

The news is coming in fast now. Who do you think could be the mystery player? Let us know if you have any ideas. Keep an eye on the news feed.