James Loney Arrested After Crashing Maserati


The gossip website TMZ.com obtained a police report for November 14th wherein it alleges James Loney crashed his Maserati into three cars before being arrested. Police say he seemed to be acting like he was driving under the influence at about 6pm that night when he swerved his luxury car into a Toyota, and then hit a Mercedes and a Mini Cooper on the 101 freeway in Sherman Oaks, CA.

When the parties involved in the crash including the driver of the Mini Cooper attempted to talk to Loney, he seemed to be unconscious in his car. When he woke up and saw all the people on scene, he attempted to flee.

In the report the police officers say Loney appeared to be “restless, unsteady, aggressive and irritable” and he “exhibited eyelid tremors and his shirt was soiled and moist from perspiration, from his armpits down to his waistline.”

When officers asked Loney what day it was he replied, “7/15 and Saturday” — when in fact, it was 11/14 and Monday.

Loney was taken to an area hospital in handcuffs. When Loney was asked to give a breathalyzer test he reportedly spit the mouthpiece at the officer. They had to restrain Loney with arm and leg restraints, and hospital staff injected him with medication to calm him down. He was then released to the hospital, and never booked at the police station.

The blood sample taken by police came back negative for any alcohol or drugs. He has not been charged with any crime.

When Colletti was asked whether this would impact Loney’s status on the team he replied,”Not unless something turns up that hasn’t turned up.”

This doesn’t sound like the Loney we know, and one source alleges Loney hit his head on the roof of his car when the other car rear ended his car, and he momentarily blacked out causing his disorientation and subsequent actions.

This story comes out only a few days before Loney is up for arbitration. He is expected to make around $6 million, or they could non-tender him and make him a free agent.