Ryan Braun Tests Positive for PED, Bison Tests Positive for Beastmode


Well well well well folks, we have some interesting news for you. As Stacie and I expected long ago, Ryan Braun is on steroids. Yes, it’s true. Braun tested positive for a PED. (Performance enhancing drug) Ryan Braun tests positive for PEDs

Apparently Braun’s testosterone levels were unusually high, and he was tested a second time. The test proved a synthetic testosterone was the result of the elevated levels found in Braun’s body. This means that the synthetic was produced outside of his body. Braun had first been tested during the playoffs which produced the first results.

Braun has stated that he is innocent, and he had no idea he had taken any PEDs. Yeah right.  If you believe that then I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you. Of coarse this comes not long after Braun and the Baseball writers robbed Matt Kemp of the award he so rightfully deserved to win. The writers voted Braun the NL MVP, and Kemp finished second. This now reopens the discussion of who is really the MVP. Should the MVP award be taken away from Braun? It has never happened before, and the decision has to be made by the BBWAA and not the MLB. The Baseball Writers Association controls those awards. A player getting his MVP award stripped has never happened before. This however opens up a whole new can of worms. What about Barry Bonds? and Roger Clemens? or Alex Rodriguez? Should they have their awards stripped? Should they have an asterisk next to their records? What I do know is that the guy that should have won led the league in home runs, RBIs, runs scored, and total bases did not win the MVP award. Plus, he lost to a guy who has tested positive for a PED.

Here is what we know so far……

1. Ryan Braun tested positive for PEDs, not once, but twice.

2. Ryan Braun claims his innocence. He says did not know he took PEDs.

3. Ryan Braun won the MVP award over Matt Kemp for a completely stupid reason.

First of all, Bison should have won the award. The MVP awards are individual awards not team based awards. Second of all, imagine how upset we were hearing that Kemp finished second to Braun before we knew he had tested positive for PEDs. Now I’m even more mad about this. It just sucks that Bison was robbed of the MVP because of some intangible dogmatic viewpoint of what the word “valuable” is that isn’t even in the rule book.

There is some speculation that the test or tests may not have been preformed properly. I find that hard to believe, but we will have to wait for all of the information to come out. In the meantime Braun is facing a 50 game suspension much like the one Manny served if all the info comes back is correct and he did indeed take PEDs. I’m not trying to vilify Braun here, but come on. What are we expected to believe… that he just accidentally fell on some PEDs, or maybe he mistakenly put them in his Cheerios one morning…right? wooooops! Don’t you hate it when that happens? You’re eatng your breakfast and then BAM! PED!

The truth is, if we’re going to vilify this guy for using PEDs………

Then we should be vilifying this guy as well…..

Because we all know who really is the MVP………..

Need I say more?…………..