Ryan Braun Tests Positive for Cheatmode, Matt Kemp Tests Positive for Beastmode


Yesterday I wrote a piece on the Ryan Braun PED scandal story that has taken over the blogosphere. Wasn’t it just a few days ago that we found out that Albert Pujols signed with the Angels? Oh yes, it is amazing how stories take over the internet for days and then disappear for the next headline. This happens quite frequently during the offseason. My piece I wrote yesterday was mostly tongue and cheek, however here is where we are concerning this breaking story. There have been a couple of new developments. Is Ryan Braun really on steroids?


The answer is yes and no. Apparently according to MLB Trade Rumors Ryan Braun Report Braun has tested positive for a prohibited substance.  Let’s first recap what has happened. FYI, if you are suffering from addiction and need substance abuse help you can find it at the link referenced.

1.Braun was originally tested during the playoffs in October. Braun’s testosterone levels were unusually high which prompted the second test.

2. Apparently the second test confirmed that the high levels of testosterone were caused by a synthetic substance or something that was not from his body. Meaning he had to have taken something, and not from some kind of medical condition.

3. They have determined it to be a “prohibited substance” and not a PED.  They have not announced what the substance is.

4. Ryan Braun is claiming his innocence, stating that he had no idea he had taken anything that was prohibited.

5. According to reports, Braun’s levels of testosterone were one of the highest they had ever seen.

Apparently MLB has a list of “prohibited substances.” Mike Petriello of MSTI is calling for fairness until all the facts are released. Understandable given the situation, however what is fair? Was it fair that Matt Kemp was robbed of the MVP award he deserved to win for a player who not only had lesser stats, but was also violating MLB’s drug policy. Is that fair? No it isn’t.

The thing is, something just isn’t right here. Something smells fishy to me. We still don’t know when Braun took that second test or how long after the original test. Braun’s camp was claiming that it was some kind of “false positive,” but according to MLB’s drug testing policies that are very strict, there is no possible way for their to be a false positive. Normally the drug or substance would be announced, but  because the violation happened during the old CBA, they will not announce it.

There is no need to call for fairness when there already is fairness. Braun has received not one but two tests that determined him to be in violation of MLB drug policy. Some say that since its not a PED, that it’s ok, and it is not. That is just semantics. If something looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, shouldn’t we call it a duck?

I’m upset because Matt Kemp had his MVP robbed, and because of the BBWAA’s narrow minded view point of what the word “valuable” means. Now we find out that the guy they voted for was on something during the regular season. Kemp had better numbers and has natural talent.

Here is the thing about this whole story. No matter how much Braun, the Brewers, and his representatives try and spin this, Braun took something he was not supposed to be taking which gave him some kind of competitive edge over the other players. This is what violated the rules of the drug policy. I agree we should wait for all facts to be released before calling for Braun’s head. I’m not calling for Braun’s head. What I am calling for is the BBWAA to do the right thing and give the MVP award to Bison. We all know that Bison should have won the MVP anyways. Now even more so. I’m through with being reasonable. I want heads to roll for this. (Edit:im not blaming Braun for winning the MVP, I blame the BBWAA writers.) It is unfair to Matt Kemp. Maybe I am just an irrational old school Dodger fan. Why should we be reasonable with someone who not only is a cheater, but cheated our Bison out of the MVP award that is rightfully his to begin with. It’s Beastmode this year, not Cheatmode. (Note I did not make that pun up)