Judge Grants FOX Emergency Stay to Halt Sale of Dodgers T.V. Rights


The accelerated auction of the Dodgers broadcasting rights has been halted according to a judge’s ruling. Frank McCourt was trying to accelerate the auction of the broadcasting rights, but Fox had filed an appeal to stop the accelerated sale. Federal Judge Leonard Stark granted Fox an emergency stay on Friday. Fox claimed that this violated their contract which allowed Fox to negotiate a new deal during an exclusive window in October 2012. FOX’s Prime Ticket is contracted to televise Dodger games through 2013.

Stark will hear arguments on the appeal next month which prevents the auction of the Broadcasting Rights to move forward until the appeal is completed. The sale of the broadcasting rights, and the sale of the club are however separate, so this won’t hold up the sale of the club. The Judge has said that the Dodgers sale isn’t dependent on the sale of the broadcasting rights. The purpose of the auction of the TV rights is to establish value that will reflect in the purchase price of the team.

Fox has argued that it will experience massive damages to the Prime Ticket affiliate if the courts allow McCourt and the Dodgers to change the terms of the contract. McCourt is trying to sell the TV rights to the highest bidder despite Fox’s appeal. The Dodgers are currently in bankruptcy court and expected to complete the sale of the team by the end of April.

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays from Stacie, Kenny, and myself.  We will have the final top two LA Dodger Bums of all time this weekend, so stick around. Go Blue!