Joe Torre wants to Buy the Dodgers


Hey Guys,

We have some breaking news coming in. Joe Torre wants to buy the Dodgers. Torre who managed the Yankees from 96-2007 and managed the Dodgers from 2008-2010, is reported to be throwing his hat into the ring in order to buy the Dodgers. According to this L.A. Times L.A. Times article on Joe Torre Bid article , Torre is stepping down from his position at MLB headquarters as executive vice president in order to pursue the Dodgers.

Torre will be partnering with L.A. billionaire Developer Rick Caruso. He is most famous for running for L.A. Mayor and building the Grove.

If Torre wins the bid, he would not be able to manage, but would be in charge of all Baseball operations. If the bid is successful, Torre has no plans to develop the land around Dodger Stadium.  Since I never liked Torre as a manager, I would like him even less as an owner. To me he is just another bidder in a long line of buyers trying to purchase the Dodgers. I will go ahead and add him into the poll below. I’m curious to see how many votes he will get.

The deadline to submit bids has been extended from the original date of Jan. 13, to January 23. We will keep you updated on any new breaking Dodger news.