Dodgers in Time-Nancy Bea Hefley


Our next Dodger in Time has been serenading us with her beautiful music for 24 years now. Her wonderful melodies and songs have lifted our spirits during Dodger games for over two decades. Our next Dodger in Time is Dodger Stadium Organist Nancy Bea Hefley.

“They think the young (people) like loud, but I’ve got a lot of young people tell me they wish I were playing right now.”- Nancy Bea Hefley Dodger Staidum Organist

Nancy was born in San Pedro, California. She grew up in the Los Angeles area, and started playing the piano at age four by listening to her seventeen year old sister play. By the age of seven she also learned to play the accordion. At the ripe old age of thirteen she talked her piano teacher into teaching her how to play the organ. Nancy has been playing the organ at her church for 55 years now, which is where she met her husband. Nancy has also played her organ at the Orange County fair, the Pomona Fair, and also include shows in Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe.

During the mid 1980’s Nancy filled in as organist for a friend at Anaheim stadium for an Angel game. She was offered a job, but declined. After longtime Dodger Stadium organist Hellen Dell retired after the 1987 season, She decided to try out for the open job. On February 14, 1988 Nancy played organ at her first game, which was an exhibition game between the Dodgers and the USC Trojans. 1988 was Nancy’s first season as Dodger Stadium organist. Nancy watched the Dodgers win the world series that season as she played her organ for many Dodger fans.

24 years later, Nancy is still going strong, although in a more diminished role. She still plays for half an hour before and after games, and during pitching changes. While many ballparks these days are blaring annoying rock and hip-hop songs over the PA, Nancy’s beautiful music is refreshing and calming. While she plays in the Dodger Stadium press box, she talks and says hi to everyone who passes by. During the final game of the 1993 season, Nancy B. used her organ to twist the knife in the hearts of the evil Giants. As the Dodgers were beating the Giants 11-1, and Mike Piazza was hitting his two home runs, Nancy B. rubbed it in the faces of the 103 win Giants who might I remind everyone failed to make the playoffs that year. Nancy B. played songs like “Do you know the way to San Jose,” and “I left my heart in San Francisco.” As we rejoiced at the delight of knowing the Giants would be playing golf in October, Nancy B’s Organ was literally music to our ears!

Her organ tunes just fit Dodger Stadium and Baseball in general. Rock and hip-hop songs should never be allowed to be played, unless coming from Nancy’s organ. The only music that should be played at all at the Ravine is Nancy B’s melodic organ.

2012 is Nancy’s last year of her contract. I hope the new owners bring her back. Since 1988 Nancy Bea Hefley has upholded and protected Dodger tradition.  For this we salute you Nancy B. Hefley, a forever blue Dodger in time.