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Clayton Kershaw Book Signing Recap


On Sunday afternoon I attended one of Clayton Kershaw’s Book signings in Porter Ranch, CA. Clayton Kershaw, and his wife Ellen, are touring around southern California over the next few weeks, holding various book signings, to promote their just released book, titled Arise. The book is about their lives,  how they met, and their charity work in Zambia Africa. I now regularly attend the Dodger signing events in my area, These events are a great way to meet your favorite Dodger players, and hang out with other Dodger fans. Meeting and socializing with other people who share the same passion for the Dodgers as you do is what it’s all about. Here is my recap of the Clayton Kershaw book signing in the Porter Ranch Ralph’s. As an added bonus, you get to see my mug in picture.

I arrived at around 12:30 and saw about 30 people already standing in line outside the Ralph’s. I went inside and there was another line with another large group of Dodger fans. I saw a table at the front, but no Kershaw. I figured he wasn’t there yet, and walked around the table to buy a copy of his book. As I walked by the table, I literally almost bumped right into Kershaw. I greeted him, and shook his hand, as did several other fans that surrounded him. I purchased a copy of his book, then walked back over to the line. I ran into Josh, of www.dodgerbobble.com .

DB offered to help with taking some extra pictures. I had purchased two books. One for me, and one for Stacie. I had planned to get an inscription in each book , one for me and Stacie. I had a great time hanging out and talking with Dodgerbobble, and Greg from plaschke thy sweater is argyle, and Theresa.

When I got up to the table, I had a bit of an inscription failure. DB and another lady were taking pics, and while I was posing for each pic, I completely forgot about the inscription. I had only one post-it with the custom inscription written on it. Unfortunately what I accidentally did was put the inscription on the wrong page, and Kershaw didn’t see it. Kershaw and Ellen both signed their names, but without inscriptions. Oh well. What did I learn from this inscription blunder?

1.I’m a huge huge dork.

2.Meeting Clayton Kershaw can cause extreme bouts of awesomeness, happiness, and disorientation.

3.Meeting Kershaw is awesome.

So basically I’m blaming my screw up on being overwhelmed with the wonderfulness of meeting Kershaw. We tried to ask Kershaw if he would sign some Baseballs for us, but he couldn’t. Because of contractual requirements he was not allowed to sign memorabilia. No problem-o! I had a great time. I’m addicted to these events now. Check out the pics. All proceeds from the book purchases were donated to charity. Big thanks to Clayton and Ellen Kershaw, for a great event! Good times were had by all. Go Blue!