An Open Letter to the Next Dodgers Owner


Now that we know who the final eight bidders are to buy the Dodgers, I have prepared a letter to the next Dodger Owner. I feel like the next owner should be sworn in like a president is. We need to be able to hold the next owner accountable for their actions, making sure the sins of the lame duck ownership will not be repeated again. I’ve got the letter all ready to go out, now I just need to find me some stamps, and the next owner’s identity…….

Dear future Dodgers Owner,

Greetings, first let me congratulate you on winning the bid for the Dodgers. I speak for all Dodger fans when I say we are ready for a change in ownership. So, welcome!

Lets talk about the future, and what we as Dodger fans expect from you as owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

1. Please do NOT mess with Dodger stadium.

This is really the most important of all. Please do not touch Dodger Stadium. I’ll say it again….DO NOT TOUCH DODGER STADIUM! I know there has been talk of an idea to build a new stadium downtown, and possibly tying that to bringing an NFL team back to Los Angeles. This is a terrible idea. Dodger Stadium is our home, and a national treasure. Chavez Ravine is one of the most beautiful ball parks in all of Baseball, and should stand FOREVER. Leave it alone. We don’t want a new stadium. When Dodger Stadium reaches its 100th birthday, then we can talk about the possibility of renovations. Otherwise leave it be.

However, a few modifications to the park can be acceptable. A fresh coat of paint on the outside concourse and walls. Upgrading the Men’s bathrooms would be nice. Specifically new urinals with splash guards. (I still believe that all male Dodger fans should experience the trough urinals at least once! Whipping it out next to other fellow Dodger fans is like a Chavez Ravine bonding experience)

Please also note, that I could give two slim-jims about the NFL, or bringing an NFL team back to Los Angeles, and I really hate that this has to be linked to the Dodgers, Dodger Stadium, or the sale of the team in any way. If you are really that interested in bringing an NFL team back to Los Angeles, Mr. Dodger owner, that’s great, but don’t involve the Dodgers or Dodger Stadium in it in order to make it happen.

2. Preserve Dodger tradition at all costs.

Mr . Owner please do your best to preserve and protect Dodger tradition no matter what. Many Dodger fans feel this to be one of the most important issues of all. We feel like over the last few years with everything that has gone on, that Dodger tradition is slowly slipping away. We are not keen to many changes to the Dodger culture. You may think this is strange, but we like our view of the LA hills behind the pavilions, we like our views of the ball game to be clean and unobstructed, we want the only music we hear other than take me out to the ballgame, and the national anthem to be Nancy B. Hefley’s organ.

We must be able to hear Vin Scully’s beautiful voice every inning, of every game no matter what. This is our birthright as Dodger fans. Farmer John Dodger Dogs are the perfect food, and Jackie Robinson day should be a national holiday. If you are already a lifelong Dodger fan, then you already know all of the above, and you can skip to the next request.

 3. New T.V. Deal

Negotiate a new television contract that will preserve Vin Scully’s voice, and provide Dodger games via television to all Dodger fans. We don’t care who the next contract is with, as long as we can watch the games, and listen to Vinny.

 4. Solid commitment to building a championship team.

This request is most important. Mr. Dodger Owner, you must commit yourself to building a competitive team. In order to bring the world series back to Dodger Stadium, we must spend like a large-market team, but at the same time spend wisely. Please no more overspending on mediocre players, and no big contracts to relief pitchers, unless they are elite. We need to be able to go after the top free agents. We need a smart General Manager who will spend wisely but can pull the trigger on trades when needed.

We need to bring a championship back to Los Angeles, and nothing short will do. Division titles are nice, but it’s not enough, Dodger fans deserve more.

5. Rebuild the farm system, and commit more money to international players.

The farm system has been left barren in certain areas, thanks to some unwise trades down the stretch during the 2008-2009 playoff races. We need to replenish the farm, and start spending more money on international players. It seems like we have gone away from that under the previous ownership. According to MSTI this lack of international spending has been trending downward for a while now.

This is unacceptable Mr. Owner, we must be actively scouting and pursuing players internationally to keep competitive with other clubs.

6. Keep ticket prices affordable for all Dodger fans.

Mr. Dodger Owner, please make sure to keep all ticket prices affordable for all Dodger fans.

7. Better security

Mr. Owner please provide us with better security and lighting so that all Dodger fans feel safe in and around Dodger Stadium. Please make sure there are adequate safety measures in place everywhere inside and outside Dodger Stadium.

 8. Please lock up Clayton Kershaw to a long-term deal.

Mr. Owner, have you ever seen Clayton Kershaw pitch? Please lock up Kershaw to a long term deal. A six or seven year deal would be just fine. Dodger fans want our Cy Young winner locked up for a very long time.

Eight simple things is all we ask for from you Mr. Dodger Owner. Leave Dodger Stadium alone, Preserve Dodger Tradition, solid commitment to winning, New TV deal, rebuilding the farm, more spending on international players, lower ticket prices, better security, and a nice new deal for Kershaw. These eight things are all we ask for from you Mr. Dodger Owner. Please swear to us that you will do your best to be faithful to the Dodgers and their fans, to uphold the offices of the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Club of the National League. You must promise to us that you will do your very best to protect and preserve Dodger tradition, and a solid commitment to fielding a championship team on the field.

Please promise us that you will never rest until the world series is back at Dodger Stadium, and you will stay on the journey to get there with us. Remember that the Dodgers are not just your team, they are OUR team. Dodger fans will no longer stand by and watch our beloved team deteriorate again. We will fight for our team. We as Dodger fans promise YOU Mr. Owner, that if you keep your promises to us, we in return will promise our never ending support. We promise to continue to show up to games and cheer our beloved Dodgers on to victory each and every night. We will keep attending, rooting, blogging, hoping, and praying alongside with you. Will you keep your word Mr. Dodger Owner?

The Dodger Oath (to be read to future Dodger Owner)

Raise your right hand, and place your other hand atop this Vin Scully Bobble-head. Repeat after me…..

I do solemnly swear, (or Affirm) to faithfully execute the offices of the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Club, and to the best of my abilities, preserve protect and defend Dodger tradition, at all cost. So help me god.

“I DO”

Good luck Mr. Dodger Owner.


Scott Andes-LasordasLair