Lasorda’s Lair 3.0 Launch!


Hello all Lasorda’s Lairians! We are pleased to announce that LasordasLair will be moving to our new Design, or as we like to call it Lasorda’s Lair 3.0. It actually is a new design that all the FanSided blogs are switching over too. You will notice a new look and some new features that we would like to tell you about. …..

The first noticeable change is the new design and format of the site. I think it looks pretty sweet! Also please notice our new Hub section on the right hand side, on the front page. The hub is a central point for Dodger related links, quotes, tweets, and videos. There is a section for each media type. Please check the hub often, as we will be adding and uploading various Dodger related stuff from around the Internet. It is a great way to connect and keep all Dodger media centralized and easily accessible.

Of course what we post won’t change, and speaking of that, let me take a minute to talk to you about what we will be covering over here at Lasorda’s Lair as we move closer to the start of the season, and what you can expect from us during the regular season.

Once the season starts, we will be switching gears a bit. During the regular season we will be doing our trademark game-capping. We will be recapping every Dodger regular season, and postseason game (If they make the playoffs). Our game-posting format works like this….We will be posting two posts each game day. The first post is our pre-game post, that will include the Dodger lineup, pitching match-ups, and story lines for each game. Then after the game is over we will write up what we like to call our post-game recap. This is a detailed recap of the game inning by inning. We will provide you the story arcs, highlights, and final scores. Note that we normally dont recap spring training games, however we might make an exception for the televised games.

We will cover every Dodger game. Yes that is right, come rain or shine, we do not miss games. Want to check who won last week’s game? No problem, just check here at Lasorda’s Lair for the game score and recap. Wanna know who’s pitching? Maybe you would like to know when Clayton Kershaw is pitching next? Would you possibly want to know how a certain player did on a certain day? No problem! Just check over here for our complete game-recaps. Plus we will have video highlights, and analysis. We feel that there is nothing more important than the games. We will manually write out each game-cap by hand. We feel that a manually written game-cap preserves the integrity of our game-posts.

We will also intersperse Dodger news, opinion, analysis, prospect and minor league news, and complete coverage of the sale, along with our game-posts to provide you with the best Dodger content on the inter-webs. We will also be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our beloved home Dodger Stadium, all season long. We will not mince words, and we give criticism when it’s needed. We will tell you what we think the Dodgers are doing right, and what they may be doing wrong, during each game. We will critique each game, and happily play arm chair manager.

We will guide you though the season, and are honored to take this journey with you together. We will celebrate together during wins, and commiserate together during losses. We will have a lot more great stuff for you coming up during the season. We will be doing a special live post from Dodger Stadium on opening day, and we’ll have a lot more in store for you.

First and foremost, We are Dodger fans, and we love to share our passion for Dodger Baseball with the world. As we transition into a new Dodger administration in the Owner’s box, we await for the season to start, and the beginning of a bright blue future is ahead of us. I have hope that a new Dodger Management team will bring the world series back to Dodger Stadium where it belongs.

We can’t wait, as another exciting season of Dodger Baseball awaits us. Stacie, Kenny, and myself are looking forward to a great year of Dodger Baseball, and we thank you for visiting Lasorda’s Lair. We hope that you will join us for the ride. Please remember to follow us on twitter as well, @ LasordasLair Twitter Page

It won’t be long before we hear those five beautiful words we love to hear…..ITS TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL! Go Blue!