Russ Mitchell has cleared waivers..."/> Russ Mitchell has cleared waivers..."/>

Russ Mitchell Survives the Axe and Lives to Tell the Tale


Hey guys, as we all expected Russ Mitchell has cleared waivers and has been out-righted back to Albuquerque. According to a tweet from Dylan Hernandez Dylan Hernandez Tweet

This is another follow up to my previous posts, when I looked at who was getting the axe to clear 40-man roster room for pitcher Todd CoffeyWhich Dodger Will Get the Axe? Mitchell was named as one of the candidates, and sure enough the Dodgers designated him for assignment. Since Mitchell was not claimed by anyone the Dodgers retain him, and he is sent back to Albuquerque.

I’m good with this. We signed a decent pitcher, and didn’t have to lose a player in the process. I’ve profiled Mitchell before, and have always liked him as a versatile bench piece with a solid glove and an all around like-able guy. I’m glad we don’t have to lose him. I hope that Russ doesn’t get down on the fact that no one claimed him. Don’t be sad Russ, it just means you are meant to be with the Dodgers that’s all. Well for now at least. It also allows Russ to contribute as depth between the Dodgers and the Isotopes. I’m assuming he should get a call-up if anyone gets hurt, and he should see his obligatory September call-up when the rosters expand. That being said I also think this is where his ceiling ends.

It seems that Russ Mitchell has successfully survived the axe and can tell the tale. Good job Russ. Now stay healthy and good luck. We may see him sooner than we think guys.