Dodger Stadium Sweet Dodger Stadium


There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….Phew! it was only a dream. More like a nightmare. I recently had a dream about what could possibly happen to Dodger Stadium if one of the groups that is interested in development of the land at Chavez Ravine wins the bid to buy the Dodgers. This kind of nightmare might become a reality. We all hope that no major changes will occur, but we just don’t know who is going to buy the Dodgers. Could our beloved home be in danger?……

Much of the sale and auction process is being done in secrecy. The process is playing out behind closed doors, and there is a lot we just don’t know. One thing we do know, is that there are a few groups that could threaten our beloved Dodger Stadium. Whether they are talking about development on the land around Dodger Stadium, building an NFL stadium across the street, or my nightmare, a new downtown stadium replacing Dodger Stadium. Ughh! The mere thought of this makes me sick. Our home might be in trouble.

There are at least two or possibly three bid groups that might have destroying Dodger Stadium on their agendas. Those groups have made it to the second round of bidding.

When I was five years old, I went to my first Dodger game. I don’t remember much from that day, but I can remember sights and sounds from that game, and the Dodgers were playing the Cardinals. When I walked into Dodger Stadium for the very first time, I instantly fell in love. I knew it was a place like none other, and I didn’t want to leave. All throughout my childhood, Dodger Stadium was like a second home to me. Always there, and never changing. Forever iconic in its own time. A veritable Dodger Palace. I will forever love it’s clean and unobstructed views of the most well kept diamond in Baseball. Dodger Stadium has remained unchanged for 50 years. Sure they put a diamond vision atop the left field bleachers in 1980, added luxury boxes, and moved the box seats closer to the field, but the core of Dodger Stadium has remained the same for half a century. Our kingdom of Blue.

Dodger Stadium may be in trouble from the very people that want to buy the team, and we as Dodger fans need to make our voices heard. I want to be able to take my kids, my future sons, to Dodger games at Dodger Stadium. Any group of potential owners that have a new stadium on their agenda is robbing my future children of their birthright. As Dodger fans we have several birthrights. Our Blue birthrights. Our Dodger constitution is as follows…….

1. Dodger Stadium should stand forever, or at least for another 50 years.

2. All Dodger fans have the right to listen to Vin Scully every inning of every game. No one shall interfere or deprive any Dodger fan from listening to Vinny’s beautiful voice.

3. All Dodger fans have the right to hear Nancy B. hefley’s wonderful organ every game.

4. All Dodger fans have the right to eat Dodger Dogs

5. All Dodger fans have the right to call any player a Bum. This harkins back to our Blue ancestors of Brooklyn.

6. All Dodger fans have the right to carry on Dodger tradition.

There you have six birthrights for all Dodger fans. One for each world series championship. Dodger Stadium is our home, that means it’s my home. What would you do if someone were to threaten your home? You would want to defend your home. You would not want anyone that would put your home in danger anywhere near it. I don’t want any of these groups with shady agendas, anywhere near Dodger Stadium. This may be hard for people to understand that did not grow up in the Dodger culture. We don’t want any kind of drastic changes, and while this is an exciting and hopeful time in Dodger land, it is also worrisome and uncertain.

I do not support any potential group that has destroying Dodger Stadium on their agenda. Some people argue about economics, and traffic, and say the stadium is old. Yes Dodger Stadium is 50 years old, and the third oldest park in the majors behind only Wrigley Field and Fenway Park. So what? It doesn’t mean that it is any less beautiful than any of these brand new state of the art ballparks. How do you think Yankee fans felt about tearing down their park? I can’t imagine how painful it must have been for Yankee fans having to watch their home, the house that Ruth built, being torn down for a new stadium. Sure they have a nice new park, and yeah it’s nice, but at what cost? Yankee Stadium, the house that Ruth built is gone forever. Imagine if you’re a Yankee fan that grew up in New York, let’s say in New York City for arguments sake, Manhattan better yet. The house that Ruth built is gone, and your kids will never know what it was like. Sure you would tell them stories, show them pictures, play them old game footage, but it’s not the same. It could never be the same. That’s sad.

*(Disclaimer-This is the only time you will ever see me write that I feel sorry for Yankee fans) *

All the other things I mentioned above, the traffic, economics, and age don’t matter. Traffic and parking is bad everywhere in Los Angeles, and always will be. That has nothing to do with Dodger Stadium. Yes a new park is sure to bring in an influx of new cash, but so can over 3 million fans that show up to Dodger Stadium during every season.

Some people may ask me, so when should Dodger Stadium be replaced, it is 50 years old, blah blah blah. I tell them that the perfect time to replace Dodger Stadium is after I die, or in another 50 years. Listen when I say, we don’t want a new Stadium. We want Dodger Stadium. Anyone that supports replacing Dodger Stadium, I ask you to say that to Peanut Man Roger Owens who patrols Lodge Aisles 101-167. Say that to Nancy B. Hefley as she plays her organ. Say that to Vin Scully. Your depriving my kids and other future Dodger fans of their blue birthrights

I hope that whomever buys the Dodgers will preserve Dodger Stadium, so that my kids and all future Dodger fans can realize their blue rights. I urge all Dodger fanatics to rise up and claim your natural given Blue birthrights. Listen to me Mr. Dodger Owner, and listen good……I don’t want a new Stadium. I want Dodger Stadium. We want Dodger Stadium. It connects all Dodger fans and players together, our iconic blue Taj Mahal frozen in time forever, preserved for all players and fans. I just don’t understand how any Dodger fan could even think about a new stadium, especially during the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium. To speak of such a thing is almost sacrilegious in my view.

Don’t you touch it Mr. Dodger Owner. Perhaps this is a follow up post to my letter to the next Dodger owner post, or perhaps I’m still dreaming? or perhaps I am just an unreasonable fanatical Dodger fan……….That last one sounds about right.

There’s no place like home…..There’s no place like home….