Born Into Blue Campaign 2012-Interview with MLB Fan Cave Finalist Nick Hamilton


Hey Dodger fans, Here is a question for you….What is better than sending one Dodger fan to the MLB Fan Cave?…..Give up? If you answered sending two Dodger fans to the Fan Cave, then you win the prize! The other day I sat down and interviewed Jeremy Dorn, and you can read that interview here. Jeremy Dorn Interview  Today I sat down and spoke with the other Dodger fan running for the Fan Cave, Nick Hamilton. We spoke of his love affair with the Dodgers and sports, seeing Kirk Gibson’s home run, his predictions for the Dodgers 2012 season, his admiration for late great Jose Lima‘s passion, and his candidacy for the MLB Fan Cave.

There is only two Dodger fans in this contest, and while Jeremy must travel 8 or 9 hours to go to a Dodger game, Nick only has to travel 10 minutes. Lucky Nick! He is a Dodger fan, sports writer, a skilled interviewer who writes and interviews for the WNBA LA Sparks, an on-air personality appearing on numerous sports talk shows, and an all around great guy. He also hopes to eventually become a sportscaster. Nick has also had the amazing honor of attending the greatest game in Baseball and sports history, game one of the 1988 World Series. As a kid, Nick watched Dodger legend and MVP Kirk Gibson hit his historic home run while surrounded by his family of life-long Dodger fans. What is also pretty cool, is that Nick shares the same last name as the Dodgers 1988 third baseman Jeff Hamilton.

So who is Nick Hamilton…..? Let’s take a look…….

Nick Hamilton, is a local boy, born and raised in Los Angeles, residing ten minutes from Dodger Stadium. Nick’s love affair with the Dodgers and Los Angeles sports started at a very young age for him, as he grew up in Los Angeles, as did his love for Sports writing and Journalism.

Scott: How did you get into Journalism, and sports writing?

Nick: “I began writing short stories when I was a little kid, and I fell in love with sports at a very young age. I have always had an interest in all sports, Basketball, Football, but Baseball was always my passion, especially the Dodgers. Growing up I was a big Lakers fan too, but the Dodgers were always my biggest passion. I started out writing short stories, and then the last couple of years I’ve been reporting on Baseball, Football, NBA, WNBA, and College sports, but Baseball has always been my heart. Baseball has always been my first love.

Scott: Tell me how you became a Dodger fan, and how old were you when you went to your first Dodger game?

Nick:My first Dodger game was when I was seven, but one of the first games I can remember attending was game 1 of the 1988 World Series. I can still remember wearing my big over-sized Dodger Blue shirt, and rooting for the boys in blue.

Scott: You mean you were at game 1 of the 1988 World Series? Wow! That is amazing!

Nick: “Yes it was amazing. I remember my mom saving the ticket stubs, and my Dad collecting autographs after the game from all the Dodger players. I still have the Baseball. You know we never thought at first that the Dodgers would win the championship that season, so seeing this as a kid was one of the greatest experiences I have had as a Dodger fan. Watching Gibson and Hershiser and that historic 88’ team is a memory I will never forget.”

Nick: I just fell in love with the Dodgers at an early age. I always loved Watching the Dodgers as a kid, and watching the rich Dodger tradition, growing up watching Dodger greats like Orel Hershiser, Kirk Gibson, Fernando Valenzuela, to, Hideo Nomo and the late great Jose Lima. We had a rough time during the 90’s, but I think we’re starting to get back on track now. But that’s how I became a Dodger fan, just growing up loving the game of Baseball, and bleeding Dodger Blue.

Scott: Who is your favorite Dodger player, or players?

Nick: I have always loved the history of Baseball , and the Dodgers, so I have watched a lot of old Baseball films. So I would first have to say Sandy Koufax, one of the greatest of all time. I would have to say Orel Hershiser, and definitely Kirk Gibson even though he is with the enemy now. I would also have to say Jose Lima. I just loved his energy.

Scott: Yeah! Lima Time! How could we forget him? Remember the 2004 playoffs?

Nick: Yeah see that’s what I’m talking about. He had this Passion for the game, that great Dodger Passion. Now we have Kemp and Kershaw, and there just carrying on that rich Dodger tradition. Ive watched Matt Kemp, since he got here, and its just great to see all of his hard work paying off.

Scott: I think he is the best position player in the National League right now

Nick: Oh yeah I agree. He’s the MVP. I don’t care what they say about Ryan Braun, Kemp is the MVP, and he didn’t have to cheat to get his numbers there.

Scott: I agree. It’s Beastmode, not Cheatmode.

Nick: Exactly. He also had the disadvantage of not getting to play in that 162nd game that was rained out. Major League Baseball decided to not make up that game, and If they had he would have probably hit 40 home runs, gone 40/40, and he would be the MVP.

Scott: Absolutely. If he had that extra game he would have hit 40/40. Also, do you remember all the times he hit deep fly balls that just missed going over the wall, or were robbed by great defensive plays? That happened several times throughout the season.

Nick: Oh man! Yeah, I think hes going to go 50/50 this season.

Scott: What’s your favorite Dodger moment, or Dodger game of all time?

Nick: Tough question, because there is so many great moments, and games, it is hard to choose just one. If I could name a couple just off the top of my head, obviously Kirk Gibson hitting the home run in game 1, is one of the greatest.

Scott: Yes, and you saw that first hand!

Nick: I would also have to say Clayton Kershaw last year, in the game he got his 20th win. I mean he was so dominating all year, but that game was what clinched him the Cy Young. Once he won his 20th game, that really locked in his Cy young award I think.

Scott: You bring up a very good game. That was one of the greatest games of the year.

Nick: He was just so focused, all year, especially during that game. He is absolutely gifted. He is amazing. He was just hitting the zone every game. His poise is beyond his years, and he was so dead on you know? Just strikeout after strikeout, it was truly amazing.

Scott: Kershaw’s utter domination of all opponents was a joy for Dodger fans to watch wasn’t it? I mean even if your not a Dodger fan, you have to admit, hes pretty awesome.

Nick: If there is a second coming of Sandy Koufax, Clayton Kershaw is it.

Scott: What’s your take on the Dodgers current ownership situation? Who do you want to see buy the Dodgers?

Nick: From what Ive been hearing of the 11 bidders, there is really three front runners. Torre and his developer partner Rick Caruso. There is the billionaire hedge fund manager Steven A. Cohen. Then there is the Magic Johnson/Stan Kasten group. I would love to see Magic Johnson and his partners take over the Dodgers. I think It would be great for the city of Los Angeles. Everyone loves and knows Magic Johnson. I think he has that great winning attitude. Not only that, but he loves the Dodgers as much as we do. He would not just be a part owner, but a fan as well. I think that is very important. I think he is willing to spend the money to get us back to the World Series. We have gone through some tough years with the last couple of owners, but I think MLB and Bud Selig are doing the right thing.

Scott: I agree with you about Magic. Everyone knows him as the great Laker Legend, but he is a big Dodger fan. So I think he would be a good fit.

Nick: Of course you would want someone like Magic who has the love and support for the Dodgers and Los Angeles. I think he has got what we need. He has the vision, and business savy enough to make the right moves, and commit to putting a championship team on the field.

Scott: What is your opinion on former Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley?

Nick: I have nothing but respect for Mr. O’Malley. He was a great Baseball and Dodger pioneer. He brought the Dodgers to Los Angeles, and I have huge respect for him. I just think that Magic has the right mix of passion and business savy. I think he would be the best choice.

Scott: Where do you think the Dodgers will finish in 2012?

Nick: I think we still need that big bat. We did resign Matt Kemp, which was the best move of the off-season obviously. I still think we need that big bat, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’re going to get that this year. I think we might need another pitcher, and I would really like to see the Dodgers pick up Cole Hamels next season.

Scott: Great point Nick. There is trickling rumors he could be available next year since he is a free agent. A 1-2-3 of Kershaw, Hamels, and Bills is mouth watering isn’t it?

Nick: Yeah, Its very competitive. I mean you know the Angels made their big moves this year, and I think the Dodgers are next. Once stable ownership is in place. I think we can make the playoffs this year, but I don’t think the Dodgers win the division this year. However I do see them making the playoffs.

Scott: So your thinking Wild Card?

Nick: yes. It’s a good next step. I mean of coarse I want the Dodgers to win the division.You know, anything is possible once your in the postseason. Look at the run the Cardinals had last year as a Wild Card. All they have to do is get hot.

Scott: Can you see your votes? Or can you not see your vote totals until the results are announced? If you do make it to the top 30, how long are you allowed to stay at Arizona at Spring Training?

Nick: We’re allowed to stay for five days. No unfortunately I cant see my votes until the results are released. So I need everyone to come out and vote for Jeremy and I as much as they can. We really need everyone’s support. So please vote, you can vote as many times as you want. Im going to represent the Dodger Blue family, and make all Dodger fans and Los Angeles proud. I encourage everyone to drive down to Arizona to support the Dodgers this spring. Were going to take it to the playoffs this year, you watch. It’s going to be Beastmode in 2012!

Scott: Hell yes! Beastmode all season long! Thank you for talking with LasordasLair Nick, It has been a pleasure speaking with you. Good luck with the campaign. I hope you and Jeremy make it to New York.

You can check out Nick’s blog at  Where he blogs about the Dodgers and Los Angeles sports Please go vote for Nick Hamilton, and Jeremy Dorn for the 2012 MLB Fan Cave. Lets get these two great Dodger fans to Spring Training. You can vote for Nick here. Vote for Nick Hamilton 2012 MLB Fan Cave

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