The Reading List on a Blue Tuesday


Hello Lasorda’s Lairians!

Only one more day until the Dodgers spring training camp at Camelback Ranch, Glendale Arizona officially opens. Some of the players are already beginning to trickle in. So as we wait just one more day for Spring Training to start, I thought I would share some interesting Blue tidbits from around the internet.

1. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti talks about wanting to lock up Andre Ethier in an interview with Fox Sports West at an LA Kings game. Ned Colletti Interview

Apparently, Colletti has already had a few discussions with Ethier about re-signing him, and he has even visited his home. We all know that Ethier is entering his walk year, and most people think because of this he will have a big year. Remember Ethier had what many consider a down year in 2011. He was hampered by knee injuries that limited his power to only 11 home runs and 62 RBI. Ethier still managed to hit .292, with a .368 OBP, he had a 30 game hitting streak, and won his first gold glove. I hope that Colletti is telling the truth, because I would hate to see Ethier walk. We can ill afford to lose Ethier’s bat in the lineup. I’m in the camp that believes he is going to have a big year.

2. Manny Ramirez signs with Oakland. According to Jon Heyman, who was the first to report of the deal on twitter. Jon Heyman Tweet

The former Dodger star slugger had originally retired but asked to be reinstated, and he was granted his return. Manny must still serve a 50-game suspension for violating Baseball’s drug policy for the second time in his career. Manny’s deal is a major league deal worth 500K, and he is expected to serve as the A’s designated hitter. Because of his 50-game suspension the earliest possible date he can join the team would be June 2nd.

3. Last but not least. According to Mike Petriello of MSTI the current list of 11 Dodger bidders to buy the team will be whittled down to just five. Frank McCourt will pick the winning bid, and has a maximum of 40 days from now to announce which group he has chosen. The last five are going to be announced on Thursday February, 23rd. We will keep you updated on the latest news from the Dodgers sale.

4. Please also don’t forget there is just one more day to cast your votes for the MLB Fan Cave. Please cast your votes for Jeremy Dorn and Nick Hamilton. Let’s help these two Dodger fans get to spring training and the fan cave.

You can vote for Jeremy here…. Vote for Jeremy Dorn into the MLB Fan Cave!

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That’s all Dodger fans! Spring Training is almost here! I will update the hub with all links, so don’t forget to check it out. One more day until the start of Spring Training. It won’t be long at all until we hear those five beautiful words we long to hear all winter long…..ITS TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!