Nick Hamilton Advances to MLB Fan Cave Top 30-Jeremy Dorn Joins the Lasorda’s Lair Staff


Hello all Lasorda’s Lairians!

I just wanted to congratulate Nick Hamilton. If you remember, I interviewed Nick Hamilton who is a contestant running for the MLB Fan Cave. Nick was one of two Dodger fans who made it into the top 50. Nick Hamilton advances to top 30. The other Dodger fan running, Jeremy Dorn, was also interviewed here.

The MLB Fan Cave is a building in New York that allows fans to watch every single game of the regular season from opening day to the last game of the World Series. Last season two fans won an online contest out of thousands of applicants to be the hosts of the Fan Cave. This season they are doing things a little differently. Out of over 22,000 applicants, the final 50 were chosen. Out of the 50, 30 were chosen to move on and win a trip to their respective team’s spring training for a few days. Thoughout the season,more contestants will be voted off until only two are left as the fan cave hosts during the World Series.

As you know Lasorda’s Lair offered up it’s full support to both Nick and Jeremy throughout their campaigns. Unfortunatly only Nick moved on to the final 30, instead of both. Again I want to say congratulations to Nick! I know he will make Dodger Blue and the Dodger Family proud. You know what this means don’t you? Oh yes, it means that the Born into Blue campaign continues! We will have more from Nick later. We will bring you another interview and continued coverage of Nick’s Journey to Spring Training and the MLB Fan Cave. The Born into Blue Campaign goes on!

As for Jeremy, don’t fret for him. While he did not make it into the Fan Cave, Stacie and I have decided to offer him a position at Lasorda’s Lair as a staff writer. We have been looking to add another writer for a while now. We feel that Jeremy is a perfect addition to the Fansided, Dodger Blue, and Lasorda’s Lair families. We are looking forward to great contributions from Jeremy. Welcome aboard Jeremy!

FYI, I will be doing a podcast tomorrow with Brian Sullivan over at I will go ahead and post the link for everyone once it is uploaded. Brian and I will be talking about all things Dodger Blue, from the Sale, to Spring Training, to prospects to watch for the upcming season. So stay tuned!

Keep it here Dodger fans….Go Blue!