Podcast Session with Brian Sullivan of Fansportspodcast.com


I recently did an interview podcast with Brain Sullivan of Fansportspodcast.com. Brian and I discussed the Dodgers for about 40 minutes. We talk about everything from the Dodger’s 2011 second half surge to recapping the team’s off-season. Brian and I talk about the start of spring training, Dodgers to watch out for in 2012, and future prospects to keep an eye on. This is probably one of the few Dodger Podcasts out there that doesn’t talk about the sale. Poor Stacie will get those questions when she is on the next session.

Stacie and I are going to switch off as guests on Brian’s podcast every couple of weeks. Brian does podcast sessions with all teams, and has other sessions available on his website for your listening pleasure. So be on the lookout for more episodes with Brian. Without further adieu, here it is: fansportspodcast.com Lasordaslair Podcast  You can also download it on iTunes under Fansportspodcast. BTW, I want to apologize ahead of time for my nasal like voice. I sound like I am doing a Seinfeld comedy hour talking about why oval-tine isn’t called round-tine. Don’t say you were not warned. Have a listen!