Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Fellow readers, baseball lovers and Dodger fans: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Dorn and I’m the newest member to the Lasorda’s Lair staff. You may remember me from an interview Scott conducted with me a few weeks back, about my MLB Fan Cave top 50 candidacy. Unfortunately, I did not make the cut in that competition. But Scott and Stacie were nice enough to invite me to write for Lasorda’s Lair and I eagerly accepted that offer!

First off, let me congratulate prodigal Dodger son Nick Hamilton on his inclusion in the Top 30 for the Fan Cave. He worked his tail off and absolutely deserved to represent Dodger Nation down at Spring Training over the past couple days. I’m hoping we’ll have some updates from Nick himself over the weekend here as the field gets narrowed further.

Now, back to my introduction. There are a few essential things you must know about me; my credentials, my fandom and my expectations. So, I’m an MLB Featured Columnist on and slap together a daily sports blog of my own, called Jam Shots. I have tons of previous experience writing, blogging, talking, playing and dreaming baseball. Myself and five other friends are kick starting a baseball podcast, tentatively called 3 Up 3 Down as well if you’d like to take a listen (more details to come). Lastly, I’m very active on Twitter @Jamblinman if you’d like to follow my frequent, nonsensical, mostly sports-related tweets.

As for fandom, I’m all over the place. One thing that has never wavered is my devotion to my favorite teams. In baseball, that’s the Dodgers. It damn well better be, if I’m going to be writing on Lasorda’s Lair! I hail from Northern California, inside of the enemy’s den in San Francisco. This gives me a unique perspective on the rivalry and allows me a type of insider access to the dealings of the Giants.

Despite living in the middle of Giants country my entire life, I’ve held true to my Dodger blue. Needless to say, 2010 was the worst year of my life, but through it all I’ve remained strong and dedicated to the Dodgers.

So what am I expecting out of this gig? I expect to drop a few awesome posts on you every week. I expect to use it as an excuse to go even more in-depth with the analysis of my favorite team. And I expect to love every minute of this 2012 season, win or lose.

What can you expect? An honest, knowledgeable account of what I see, think, hear and feel about the Dodgers and everything involved with their organization. Check me out from Spring Training, or Dodger Stadium, or in the throng of the bleachers at AT&T Park. It’s going to happen often and it’s going to be done well.

I am a firm believer in baseball being the greatest sport in the world. Every time I go to a game or see a highlight on TV, I’m just itching (no, not in the jock strap area) to get my spikes back on and go throw a bullpen or take a round of BP. So, get ready to be showered with some baseball love, people. The party’s just begun.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter (again, @Jamblinman) or through the comment feed. I look forward to it.