S2S Mock Draft has Dodgers picking Joey Gallo


seedlings to stars.com has done their annual mock draft. Every year, they have a mock of the June amateur draft, and try to predict which teams will draft which players, and where. It is a bit early to be thinking about the draft, however it is never to early to take a peek and try to address some organizational weaknesses through the draft. Let’s take a look at where S2S has the Dodgers drafting and for which players.

Robbie Knopf of S2S, did the first 31 picks. He has the Dodgers with the 18th pick, and drafting Joey Gallo in that spot. Gallo is a big third baseman from Bishop Gorman High School. While the young third baseman may not be very athletic, according to Robbie, he has natural raw power, and arm strength. Third base would seem to be a great fit, but if he doesn’t have the athleticism to handle the hot corner, he could be moved to first base.

We all know the Dodgers are thin at both positions. Gallo is 6’5 and 205 pounds, so he has the size and strength, but he could strike out way too much. So while he may not hit very high for average, he is projected to slug 35-40 homers. That is power I will take all day long. What’s interesting, is not only does Gallo play first and third base, he is also a pitcher. He is a right hander, and has a plus fastball that can hit the mid-90s.

The Dodgers have used the draft in recent years to stockpile a nice arsenal of pitching. The Dodgers have some great pitching depth thanks to the draft. However there going to eventually need to draft some position players to fill some holes.

He doesn’t have great plate discipline either, but his power is intriguing. We all know the Dodgers are in great need for power, especially at the infield corners. Gallo is a left handed hitter. Take a look at the rest of the picks. Robbie will be posting the supplemental draft picks tomorrow. Make sure you check out S2S for more minor league, and draft news.